Dogs slipping on floors

LizRVTMay 13, 2013

Hi all!
We are in desperate need to replace our gross carpet throughout the main living area. We have two large dogs: one is 11 and slowly down, one is 6 and runs like a banshee. So, I really need help! I do not find it funny watching dogs slide across the floor. I have seen dogs severely injure their backs and knees from slippery floors. We have narrowed our search to luxury vinyl wood planks or ceramic tile. The tile seems less slippery for the dogs going around corners but the vinyl wood planks are warmer and sightly nicer on our joints.

What do you have? How do your dogs handle it? I have seen different products to put on their feet or nails to help with traction but they also have a dog door and would be going into the wet grass throughout the day. Others say throw rugs but I can't put throw rugs around all the corners.

Any incite would be appreciated. I am going to cross-post this to the flooring forum as well. Thank you in advance.

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Ceramic is less sliding, less damage. However dogs are dogs and if you have one that goes through hyper fits like after baths etc, they will slide regardless. Keep in mind though, easier on your joints, easier on the dogs joins, so ceramic is rough on a dogs joints, especially if they have to sleep on the floor.

Ceramic is tons harder to clean than the vinyl wood though, which you can pretty much dust, no matter how much you clean a ceramic floor if you take a white rag across it you will get dirt..

I'd go with something like this

not that company per say, but the tile won't show damage from the dogs, it's not ceramic and will have an underlay which will help, it won't get super cold, and it would be less slippery than the faux wood, but more than the ceramic, but easier to clean than ceramic.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I have a GSD mix and a whippet(long haired). There is also a visiting very hyper terrier/hound mix here temporarily.

We have hardwood floors, ceramic tile(kitchen) or slate tile(back hall).

All three dogs have been trained to not try running or making sharp turns on the floors. There are four corners which they use daily---often when excited to go outside or at feeding time. They have learned to take it slow and safely.

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