Trying to keep pets off my furniture the EASY way

tru2auMay 21, 2013

I have done hours of searching on the internet to try and find a way to keep my pets off my furniture. All three are middle age pets. So, the training is obsolete. LOL I have seen so many things on how to take care of this. From buying a shock mat, using aluminum foil, a couch cover, aluminum can with rocks, spray bottle, etc. I don't want this to become a fulltime job. I don't want to have to take a shock mat or a scram away off the couch when I get ready to set or lay down. I don't want to have to take aluminum foil off every time either. I don't have 24 hours to stand watch over the couch with a can of rocks to shake or a spray bottle to spray them with. I don't want to have to purchase a $100 couch cover to cover a new couch that I just paid over $700 for. Is there not a easier way to break them from getting on there and keep them off?
Oh, I have set down and talked with them. I told them it was going to have to stop or there would be punishment past out. They replied with, "if you don't like the way things or done here". You might want to find another place to live. I can't afford another place. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a "Blessed Day". Chris

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I say enjoy them and let them on the long as they don't chew the sofa.
An expensive flannel sheet or lightweight blanket will suffice until you're ready to use the sofa yourself. Then just fold the blanket back on itself and sit down.
I prefer a flannel sheet since it stays on the sofa better. It's what I used with all my foster dogs..... on a white sofa!

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Just face it, they are smarter than you. I figured that out a long time ago. Unless I'm there supervising, they will do what they want. I have an old throw on the couch. They are allowed everywhere else, but usually like all their beds which are on the floor.

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Really heavy ankle weights? : )

I've learned to love the "distressed" look of my furniture.

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I use this flipped upside down across sofa & chair seat cushions so the pointy sharp gripper nubbies face up. Just cut it the length you need. Easy to fold & stash and pretty unobtrusive when out. Works like a charm and the price is right.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carpet Protector Runner

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I don't know if you are dealing with cats or dogs. Cats aren't going to stay off, or they will hold a grudge in the process.

Dogs, the easiest way would just be persistence with the off command. Middle age they can still learn that. Mine have taken usually a month to really start to learn to break a habit (ie not going in a certain room they were previously allowed in). But, they're still going to try, and still going to do it when you aren't looking.

Get a blanket and teach them to lay in the spots that have the blanket.

Otherwise the only way to get a dog or cat to stay off would be to give them something more desirable to lay on.

I bought a chaise, not meant for them, but they have seemed to think it was for them and go over there now even though they are allowed on this couch.

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Well, my dog wouldn't get on the sofa, even when we coaxed him. UNTIL we were out of the house. A few times we'd return unexpectedly to the house, there he'd be, laying on the sofa or bed, looking at us.... then he'd leap off. From the bed he'd do this weird leap, twist and dive under the bed which was his usual safe place.

You can try wire hangers... no, not ala Mommy Dearest. Just put several on the sofa and they don't like the uneven footing. Similar to foil, I suppose, but reusable!

Good luck.

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I wouldn't use wire hangers. One time my dog jumped up onto my bed and there was a wire hanger there and the end of the hanger lodged into his foot pad or between his pads - I cannot remember which as it was a long time ago but I do remember he was so upset when I tried to get it out he bit me!

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My cousin tilts the couch seat cushions up against the back of the couch, covering as much of the flat bed of the couch as possible. That seems to keep their springer spaniel off the couch.

But when she dog-sits her brother's mini Schnauzer, that little dog can curl up in the space between the tilted-up cushion and the edge of the sofa. You'll come home and there he is, tail wagging, knowing full well he isn't supposed to be there.

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