Daybed on screen porch?

carriem25March 19, 2008

We have a raised ranch with a walkout basement. Last summer, we screened in our lower deck and added cold-hardy vinyl inserts. We are absolutely thrilled with the results and use the room frequently, even in the winter. The room contains our hot tub and dh's Christmas present to me this year, wicker furniture.

(Apparently Bandit was feeling photo-friendly today, LOL).

We had really wanted a sofa or longer piece that would facilitate a lovely snooze in the summertime. Unfortunately, it would have been an expensive custom order with this set, so we decided against it.

What would you think of putting a daybed out there? DH initially vetoed it - he thought it would look a little redneck having a bed on the deck, LOL. However, yesterday at Walmart, of all places, I found the exact outdoor fabric that matches the cushions (you can just see the sample on the far chair). I was thinking that if I made a mattress cover/sheet out of the fabric and put it over the daybed, it would look less like a random bed and more like a coordinating piece of furniture.

After the amount of money we spent on the furniture already, our budget is maxxed out. This daybed is at Ikea for a very reasonable price:

I already have a spare mattress that would fit nicely.

Any thoughts?


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If you have the space do it! Imagine feeling the soft breeze caressing your check during the summer as you nap. Or watching the snow fall as you drift off into slumberland.

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I would have originally purchased a wicker couch and matching chair instead of the loveseat, any possibility you can return it for a different set or have you owned it too long? My first thought is the daybed looks like a crib converted to a bed. Personally, I dont like it. I am surprised you have enough room to add the daybed. I have to agree with the DH, a daybed does look redneck. Here is an idea....What about getting the DH one of those portable hammocks, easy to set up for a nap but then can be stored away.

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At our last house we had a screened porch with beautiful wicker furniture and cushions. We spent more time out there than anywhere. Absolutely loved it.

What about a wicker chaise instead of the daybed? Would serve the same purpose, as far as lounging or napping go, but perhaps fit in more with your present setup. Google around, because you can find them on sale a lot of times, places like Home Decorators or Overstock, even.

Good luck.

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Many people prefer a loveseat to the couch. I love your seating arrangement.

There is actually someone on here or at least used to post on here that has a daybed of some type on a screened in porch. I don't know who it is, but they have a porch that overlooks a lake. It looks very nice and not *redneck* at all.

I don't know about having everything so matched - maybe you could find a coordinating fabric and have cushions on the daybed from the current fabric?

I hope the poster I am referring to will see this and reply.


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With some big pillows and a little thought, it could look great. But I've just never understood the huge high sides on day beds.

It won't look truly redneck unless you add a refrigerator. Or, as in the front yard across the street from my classroom, a couple of chests of drawers (with clothes - my students and I have witnessed clothes being retrieved).

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We have a large screened porch and we have a full-sized bed out there! It is a loft bed, and came about as a way to maintain enough headroom underneath the porch that we could still use the bulkhead doors to the basement when needed. We dress up the loft bed like a daybed, using cushions and solid-color bedding that matches the walls.

The loft bed is the favorite place for children to play, and it serves wonderfully as a guest bed as well. A loveseat would not be anywhere near as fun or functional. All our overnight visitors love to sleep out there, and I've caught my 72 year-old father napping out there many times.

But maybe they are all rednecks? hmmm...

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A mattress on the porch by itself is redneck, not a nice daybed. LOL Where you people from anyway, talking about rednecks? You have to be one to be able to talk about one, don't you know?

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Is there the possibility of issues with bugs? If not, then I would say go for it.

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Bugs? I never thought about bugs, but I don't think it is a concern. We live in central Alberta, where there are only two seasons - winter and mosquitos, LOL. That is part of the reason we put up the screens - last summer the mosquitos were so big they wore name tags and carried cell phones, LOL. Mold/mildew is not an issue here, either. It is usually very dry (humidity wise).


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I say go for it! We used to have a wicker love seat and two chairs on our small screened porch. But I always wanted to be able to take nap out there and the love seat just didn't cut it. I found this set on Craig's List and we love it. It is a 50's set with innerspring cushions. The sofa is actually 3 pieces and the center piece can be pulled out and used as an armless chair and then push two end peices together and that becomes a love seat. Also got the two matching tables as well as an ottoman with it.

I have snoozed many times out there on a hot Sunday afternoon. I have even found DH doing the same and he was the one who didn't think it was such a good idea originally! :-)


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Back in the olden days, long before air-conditioning, homes were routinely built with sleeping porches. It was the screened in room on the exterior of the house that you'd escape to for cooler nighttime sleeping conditions. Our last house, a 1905 4-square, had one. So, to me, a bed on a porch would be perfectly normal and quite nice.

If you google "sleeping porch", you'll find loads of fairly current magazines/pictures/articles about them.

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What in the world??? Redneck??? Seriously??? I don't get it.

Now a sweet little daybed on a sunporch, that I get, love the idea of napping with the warm summer breeze brushing by. One of my favorite things.

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tinam61, I know who you are talking about that has the screened porch on the water with the single bed. I cannot think of her name, but I remember I wrote her about the walkway her husband laid. Hopefully she'll see this post and show her photo again.

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Hey, carriem's DH said it, I just agreed in that I dont think it belongs on a porch with a hot tub and wicker furniture....just my opinion. The chaise lounge was a great idea.

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Sears has this sectional which would work well in your covered patio.

Here is a link that might be useful: sectional

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brutuses and tinam61, the person you are referring to is demi. She has shown many beautiful pictures of her home and the screen porch is one of them.

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I say do it. But I don't like the daybed you pictured because I can imagine sitting on it and getting those bars in the backs of my knees -- ouch.

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I agree with Oceanna - the Ikea one just doesn't look comfortable at all, from any direction - back, side, or front. Great price, though.

I googled around and Target's website had some good ones, a little pricier, starting at $299, but pretty and not so rigid looking. Plus, they have a special of 15% off for online orders.

The new Southern Living had several screened porches featured in its issue. One owner had swing type seating, that looked very attractive and comfortable. Just to give you another idea, in case the bed didn't work out.

My husband's not capable, God love him, but maybe yours could build a daybed frame?

Good luck.

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Now that I've looked at it longer, I agree that the Ikea daybed doesn't look like it would be extremely comfortable to sit on. I think I am still going to explore the idea, but using something more comfortable.

Because we don't live in the US, ordering from most US retailers is either impossible or pricey. The reason we didn't get the couch originally was that the set we purchased was a floor model. Ordering the couch would have taken months (manufacturer in Florida, and the retailer only orders a couple of times per year). Plus they couldn't guarantee the same cushion fabric. Our house is grey, the hot tub is grey, and all of the trim is white - I didn't like the look of the brown wicker with it. Too bad, since all of the discount retailers seem to have chosen brown as this season's colour!

Perhaps as more retailers put out their summer stock (it is still winter here, LOL), I will find something that will work. I think I may still go buy several metres of the fabric "just in case".


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dorothy, you are right, it is demi

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We had a day bed on either side of our screened-in porch at our summer house when I was a kid. I have the most wonderful memories falling asleep on them on summer evenings. Everyone loved them. If you don't have a problem with dampness or mold . . . or direct sunlight fading out the fabric too quickly, I say go for it. I do agree with Oceanna in that the Ikea one doesn't look very comfy, though. Actually, it kind of reminds me of a baby crib with the side down.

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I've been thinking about the same thing! We are building and the idea of napping or even sleeping all night on the screened porch sounds delicious to me. A simple platform could support the bed itself. I've seen twin sized swings in pics but the extra room the swing would take makes that unworkable for us. I have wondered about the mattress though. Are there special mattresses made to be used in an outdoor room? Just the thought of the rain blowing in and the soggy mattress makes me a little nauseous!

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Now that I've stopped laughing, this redneck from Louisiana will post a picture of the bed--actually, it's an old iron bed we salvaged from DH's great grandparent's old homeplace.

This photo was taken before I placed pillows with shams on it, it doesn't look as finished, but you get the idea.

I do have to take the bedding in for frequent washing during pollen season and after rainstorms. But it's a great place to take a nap or to read or just daydream.

I would get something comfortable, even a frame with a mattress, nice quilt/comforter and pillows against the wall would look cute. A daybed may not be long enough for a taller person to stretch out and relax.

Thanks for those of you with good memories and nice things to say.


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You know, the more I think about it, the more a platform bed sounds like a perfect solution. If you could fit it with two or three drawers, you could store your linens and pillows inside them and out of the weather.
As for a mattress to withstand the elements, toddler bed mattresses are waterproof, but a bit on the short side. If you could find a waterproof mattress cover that didn't crackle every time you moved, I'd use that.

Demifloyd, your bed ~ heck, the entire room ~ looks wonderful! Could you share more pics of it with us?

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For two summer seasons I looked for reasonably priced chaise lounges, two of them for under our pavilion (tarp-covered thingy we put up in our back yard).

I've even had dreams of laying out under the pav, summer afternoon, slight breeze so that the misters cool the area and me.

After recovering from sticker shock over the price of simple wood, reclining chaise lounges I've decided to keep my eye out for a daybed, preferrably iron.

I have plenty of Sunbrella fabric. I can make a weather-resistant 'bedspread' for it with coordinating pillows (the pavilion has a water-proof tarp but no protection from rain on the four sides).

If someone wants to call my idea weird, tacky or whatever, I'll smile graciously while I lounge on my 'bed', read a book or play on the laptop with a glass of iced tea at my side and the misters keeping me cool after a hard day working in the gardens.


I saw your pic at the end of last summer and that cinched it for me--a perfect inspiration pic. I no longer bothered looking for chaise lounges.

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Thank you, lynn--here are a few photos of the screened porch from last year. This week we will prepare for the season--pollen is everywhere right now and I haven't put flower pots out. Right now we have a wood and iron bistro table and chairs and another rocker on the other side of the room, and a rocking love seat next to the bed.

Amity, I, too have been looking for a pair of chaise chairs for the slate terrace at the house and have been astounded at the prices!
I hope you enjoy your "bed" and be sure to post photos.

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As I was reading the post I kept on thinking of a regular bed, no daybed. Either a wood platform or maybe just a frame (covered by a coordinating ruffle). Then with pillows against the wall. You can use the walmart fabric for either the mattress cover or the ruffle/pillows.
Demi: I'm speechless.

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I can only dream !!!

Being in So Cal in a small tract house :( I do have a porch swing that I will take with me where ever I go. Got a nice comfy cushion and some pillows. I never last more that 15 min reading out there! Between the sound of the fountain and the birds, I am in lala land very quickly!

But the lake house, Oy vey, in my dreams


I think what ever you choose will be wonderful. We all need a little "be still" time.

Heard that last night from Jeff Foxworthy, redneck spokesperson!



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This might change your husband's thoughts that having a bed there is redneck. This picture is from the White House museum...

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Linda Ross

Demi, I have been looking for a chair/ottoman like yours. One that rocks and rotates. Can you tell me where you got your chair/ottoman?

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Demi, I am stunned by your screen room. It is a dream oasis.

My personal plans for a screen room bed have been shuffled aside for numerous other projects, but that White House picture may be just the inspiration that I need!


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I'm wondering what the sizes of carriem25 and demifloyds sunrooms' are as I am planning on one 13 by 17 feet and would like to put a queen size bed out there. Hoping that size will not be taking up too much space.

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ahh so envious of all of you with big porches much less screened in porches. perhaps in my next life- after tuition!
Demi, I remember your post well, it was "be still my heart"- such a lake and such a great way to decorate the inside of your dock/screen house. I think I would live in there most of the time.. wow.
I can't help but wonder what town those front yard chest of drawers are in? LOL

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Have you considered a futon? I have a nice wooden futon with an extra thick mattress. I am not impressed with the metal ones from Walmart. They have thin mattresses that are not comfortable after being used for awhile and the frames will bend or break.

I have the solid wood one that is queen sized and then a small love seat sized one. At the moment, my neice and nephew are using them in their rooms. THey have been great and being all wood have really held up.

I realize that you might not want the wood on a screened porch, but there are nice futons out there that are well made. If you ever decide on a metal futon or a metal day bed be sure to check how it is connected. I know that there is something about the type of bolts or screws that connect them that is important. (Sorry, it alludes me.) We had a metal day bed when DD was young and it creaked and I really was never satisfied with it. DH said it was the type of metal and the way it was made. I do know of others with metal futons and daybeds that were much more substantial.

We are about to screen in the large back covered patio and I will be decorating it. I have a set of rattan furniture that I bought for dear daughter that I will be using. It has a loveseat and full couch. Today, I found two papasan chairs and footstools and a rocking papasan chair that I bought to also use there. I can't wait to get started on it, but DH will probably wait for cooler weather, which will be quite awhile in Texas.

Good luck and remember to show us pics.

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I think a daybed would be great. Wish I had a screened in porch for these hot muggy nites.

I do agree with most of the other posters that the daybed you showed is not what I would choose ...

Here's my daybed, with Dakota enjoying it. Not quite sure where my sister got it, but this is more along the lines of what I imagined ...

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Can you tell me more about the screening and the cold-hardy vinyl inserts? How does that work? Is it like a window you can use to cover the screening to prevent cold from coming in? Is there a particular manufacturer or place I can purchase that you would recommend?

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How about a hammock? More "porchy".

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What sizes are these roomsÂespecially the ones with pictures? Does anyone have any opinions about sunroom kits or sunroom additions?

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I was asking about daybeds on the florida garden forum and was told that due to dampness, mold and mildew would probably be a problem. I guess maybe worse in FL but probably to some extent everywhere.

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My first idea for you Carrie, since you mentioned yu have a single mattress to use, was to find a king size head and footboard to make into a day bed like you would make a bench out of a smaller bed. If you have a holliwood frame for your bed all you'd have to do was cut the footboard in half and attach it to the ends of the headboard and then to the frame. Plop on the mattress and dress the bed!

My second idea is similar to Lynn's. Make a platform the size of the mattress with large pullout drawers. Only I'd find a simple twin head and footboard cutting the head and footboard to be just high enough to hold a bolster at each end looking more like a backless sofa.

As for protecting the mattress, I agree that a waterproof mattress cover would take care of the worry of rain.

And for the idea of a swing's one of my favorite beds from my inspiration albums. You wouldn't want to actually swing on it, but it could certainly sway you to a deep sweet dream filled sleep.

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So what did you decide to do?

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carriem, here is a daybed I saw on CL with a picket fence theme! Maybe a picket fence would make it seem more outdoorsy!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Picket fence daybed

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I am planning on posting photos of my finished patio later this week. The hot tub is supposed to be on the road for delivery but wanted to bring this back up. I would like something on the patio that would allow us to lay under the stars but would be weatherproofed enough for an occaisonal rain. I was thinking of a bed with a blowup mattress under a waterproof material but dh says he wants a way to be able to sit up on it as well!

Any thoughts?


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I'm putting a sleeper sofa on in my sunroom. It's a little more closed in than your screen porch is though (and I can shut the windows if I need to). I am SO looking forward to sleeping out there in the early spring and fall, with the cool breezes. Also summer...with all the night sounds in the swamp behind us and the waterfalls from the koi ponds in the back yard. Who needs a bedroom? lol!!

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