Broken Clay Sewer Pipe

cosmicJanuary 2, 2012

I uncovered a long buried clay sewer pipe cleanout opening and the pipe was cracked:

The rest of the pipe is in good condition and the cracked pipe is about a foot long as shown in the photo. I had my neglected sewer line cleaned last year and the cleaner had to use a camera and located the original clean out that had been covered over with concrete many years ago. He recommended that I expose it, if possible. And he recommended a yearly cleaning so he doesn't have to send bushels of roots into the city sewer main. So this the result of trying to maintain my sewer system. I think I can trust the sewer since they've been very fair and thorough with me and is well known in the community. And I expect they will have a simple and fairly cheap repair.

I'm wondering if anyone know a few options for a clay pipe patch up. The sewer cleaners were able to an adequate job of cleaning from the sewer stack base 14 feet further away. They gave me a DVD of the final results. I could also see on the video the area may have indeed been weak. It just sort of crumbled away in layers and there are small roots nearby. I hoping just the one 12 inch gap can be dealt with.

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That is cast iron pipe.

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Yes, you are right. I've been told the system is 2 foot clay pipes and it looks that way to me in the video and that's the way things are in my neighborhood. But that pipe does look different in the video and a magnet sticks to it, so it is iron. And the pipes next to it are iron too. It looks like it will be easy to get that rotten pipe out with my bare hands and hopefully the connecting pipes are ok. The pipe gets bigger a few more feet down so maybe that's where the clay part begins.

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Yesterday a plumber came and spent 2 hours repairing the pipe. He was able to cut one pipe with a sawzall, but had to get the oakum and lead out of the other side.

The result is a Y cleanout at floor level, not under 18 inches of concrete and sand.

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