How to replace a shower faucet/trim

sousvide23January 6, 2011

Hi all, I want to replace our shower faucet - the handle/knob that controls the water. I currently have a single handle that controls the temperature. All the way right is off, as I turn it left, it turns it on and increases the hot water.

From what I've read, I need to find a trim that matches the existing valve...because I can't get access to replace the valve without significant damage and repair to the shower. We moved in not too long ago and the house is 8 years old. I have NO clue what the model or brand the fixtures are - there are no identifying names. There is a rather cryptic logo though that I've never seen.

Is there anyway I can ID the valve? Do I need to if I just want to change/update/replace the handle?


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Take a picture and post it, pictures are worth a thousand words. You may also find the brand on the sink fixtures most of the time they are all the same brand.

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Our 4 yr old Delta (model# 132900 ) works as you describe. It is stamped "Delta" on the trim plate and the handle, and the trim plate screw holes are at 1:00 and 7:00 (actually closer to 2:00 and 8:00, but not quite.)

Anyway, I would suggest taking both the trim plate and the handle off and take them with you to a big box store to match them up. The key is matching the holes on the trim plate, as well as the turning "stops" on the backside of the handle (so take the handle out of the package and look at the back of it closely).

If they don't match, try a real plumbing supply, since the trim plate holes and stops can be different even for the same brands. This is how it is with Moen. Sometimes I buy a trim kit from a plumbing supply, other times the big box version, and sometimes I even have to parts from each place to freshen up a bathroom. (If I want a shiny new Moen tub spout, it's almost the same cost at my local plumbing supply to buy the entire trim kit vs. the spout by itself.)

Good luck.

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Ok...the faucets in the sinks, tubs showers are all the same through out the house - no branding on them but I'll take the shower trim apart in the basement bathroom which we never use anyway and post a pic.

Are there such things a universal or valve adapters to have one valve work with another brands trim, for example, Delta to Moen? Pardon my ignorance in the area. I didn't realize these things were so proprietary. :)

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Sorry to say valves are not usable with other brands. What you can do is once you identify the brand you may be able to get what they call trim kits for that valve. You may be able to get different finishes and styles from the manufacturer that will fit on that valve.

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I am in the same spot with old Moen fixtures (finally figured out they were Moen). If by any chance your old ones are Moen....u can reference the link below. They now have a retrofit kit so various trim kits will work with the valves. Various Moen kits that is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Moen Valve & Trim Kits

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I just had the same issue but when I inspected the valve, after taking off the plate and handles, I saw that the valve was stamped PF. Aha! Price Pfister. Sometimes it's just a little detective work needed. And, dont be surprised if the Big Box store associate is of no help to you. Go directly to a real plumbing supply shop.

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sousvide23 i'm having the same problem and now there is talk about getting to the valve through a wall. I did learn from the posts that a kit may be available to me. Is anyone familiar with this type of valve? The other shower fixture in my house is Delta.

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Here is another picture that may help

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