dogs iv site leaking

anastazyaMay 24, 2014

My dog Gus just returned from the Emergency Animal Hospital where he got an IV of fluids because he was dehydrated from vomiting. The site where they inserted the IV has been leaking slowly since we got him home. I dry it off and it is wet again shortly. Maybe this is normal but I've never seen it before. Also his side seems a little pouchy as if some of the IV fluid was pooling in his side. Is this anything to be alarmed about?

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The IV may have infiltrated into the tissue instead of going into a vein. Can you bring him back to get it checked, or at least call to ask? If the IV fluids did not go into his vein, the IV did not cure dehydration and may need to be done again. The leakage is probably IV fluid seeping out from the tissue.

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PLEASE call the Emergency Vet practice and ask them this question quickly!

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If they gave him IV fluids, they might have administered it subcutaneously like they do the cats at the shelter, and like our vet has done for a couple of our cats in the past. A sub-Q needle (I think) is inserted under the skin, and the fluid/IV solution is then "injected" (dripped) right under the skin. It will pool there, and is slowly absorbed into the surrounding tissues, and body. They actually try to avoid the veins, and will remove, and reinsert the needle if they see blood.

I don't know how much "leaking" is normal, but I have observed this and some wetness at the injection site as well.

I am not a vet, vet tech, assistant, or otherwise, merely passing along my own observation and experiences with IV fluids for cats. I would certainly suggest that you call the emergency (or your regular) vet to make sure all is okay.

Good luck!

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IV is injected directly into the vein. If that is how the fluids were administered, there should be no pooling of fluids. Subcutaneous (subQ) fluids are injected under the skin and will produce a pool or pouch of fluid that is gradually absorbed into the tissues. Was your dog given fluids via IV or subQ?

When given subQ, it's not uncommon for leakage to occur at the injection site, esp. if a larger gauge needle was used. The larger the needle, the larger the hole, and the more likely leakage will occur. At long as the leakage is clear, it's really nothing to worry about. If the leakage is bloody, call the vet.

I'm not sure about leakage with IV administration. I've only personally done subQ fluid administrations.


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