Young cat, frequently out of breath, panting...normal?

booboo60May 10, 2012

I have a neutered tabby about one years old. He is a sweet boy; my older spayed female cat may disagree but he seems to be in good health. He has had all his shots and a clean bill of health from the vet. I have noticed, however, that he gets out of breath quite easily. Just tonight, I was playing with him with a "feather on a stick" toy, he was chasing it pretty hard; he has amazing tracking skills, but after about 5 minutes he was breathing pretty hard, not panting but almost.

I have noticed him do this in the front yard also. He will run around the yard and then lay down and pant! I have never had a cat do this; is it normal? Or, is he just a "focused" hunter and tires quickly? Thanks!

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perhaps just out of shape.. but could also be early signs of asthma

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Panting can also indicate a cardiac problem or overheating due to overexertion in high temps. It'd be a good idea to have your boy given a thorough physical by a competent vet.


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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

I had a cat many years ago with the same symptoms and was told by my vet at the time that she had asthma. She lived a long and healthy life and just couldn't exercise too hard. Hot summer days were a bit more challenging but she was a happy kitty. :) I believe her nutrition and environment at birth had much to do with this condition.


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I have a seven month old cat who does the same thing. We've played hard (hide and seek, tag, fetch) since he was a bitty one and he's solid muscle now. Playing hard will make a cat pant as they need a way to quick process their elevated body heat. Take note of when that happens and if it's warm, don't play too hard.

I know if most people were to run at top speed while jumping and twisting around, they'd quickly become hot and short of breath. Playing is hard work. Keep doing it with him though. It's good bonding.

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Laurie is right,... could be a heart condition, too, though often those cats that are symptomatic as such a young age do not do well with anesthesia, and yours survived the neuter pretty well obviously... still ,a vet visit is a good idea. I had an asthmatic cat as a kid and often would play with it until it nearly collapsed from coughing and wheezing having no clue what was wrong with it... finally the vet figured it out, but we never had to treat it... just no more chasing stuff in the grass any more.

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