Dog bed - advice on foam types

squirrelspurMay 7, 2012

Have an elderly large collie with joint problems. Looking for a new bed for him. Is shredded memory foam or a foam pad better? Always used a foam pad but wondered about the shredded foam. Thanks for any advice.

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i'm not sure either would be better than the other. my senior great dane loved her papasan cushion from pier 1. it was cushy on her body but not too soft that she couldn't easily get up and down.

is your collie on any joint supplements? there is a new one out there called Steadfast. i just recently started one of my pot bellied pigs on it as she has an unexplained lameness. she's been taking it for about a week now and i have already seen some improvement. the vet i got it from said they have seen dramatic improvement in dogs after taking it for 2-3 weeks. it's very inexpensive (about $1/day) compared to most of the other stuff out there!

both of my 5 year old danes take a joint supplement that i get at walmart but i am planning to start them on the Steadfast as soon as i run out of the other.

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He does get joint supplements & they help, thanks. Still wondering about the type of foam for his new bed.

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Our one Lab who is 7 years old has joint problems (is REALLY stiff when he first gets up after he has been laying down a while) and last October the vet recommended a good bed for him. We had gotten $20.00 Costco beds a few years before and the shredded fill does not last very long, even after I replaced it with new fill about a year ago. When I looked for good memory foam dog beds in our dog's size (very large) not only were the prices awfully high but you had no idea if the memory foam was any good or not. I had been researching memory foam and what to look for in GOOD memory foam for "human's" beds and figured it would be the same for a pet. After some research, we ended up ordering an excellent 3 inch thick, 4 pound density memory foam mattress topper from a company on Amazon----one in a "single bed" size (which is sized about 78inches by 37inches) which we then cut in half to fit into the two large dog beds for our two Labs. The one single size memory foam cut in half fits great in the two dog beds. The older beds from Costco had zippered covers with the original cheap loose fill, so we just got rid of the cheap fill and put in the new memory foam into the zippered covers. That was over 7 months ago and it has worked tremendously well. This same memory foam mattress topper is now $98.99 for the twin size with free shipping on Amazon and if anyone wants to have more info as to the company name etc, just let me know. In my research, not all so-called "memory foam" is the same with the quality varying, but what we ordered seems to be really good. Our two Labs at 100 LB. each, have used it every day for 7 months. We are really pleased with it and our dogs appear to be too.

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cat11: What company was the mattress purchased from?

petcrazygrl: Thanks. We had a Drs. F&S bed also and it was good but our evil cat urinated on it and we replace it some time ago. I want to get a canvas cover bed since our dog is hard on beds.

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I LOVE for mattresses. They can make special orders and cut to fit too.

Scott can answer all your questions. We personally, for us humans, have purchased three foam mattresses from Scott--we've had them for at least 7 years and they are wonderful. These have a 30 year warranty.


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Our dog has a Bowser, Double Deluxe Donut bed (looks like a sofa). It is covered in upholstery fabric and pretty much comes apart for washing. We have had it for nearly 7 years and the little chewer (an small Standard American Eskimo - jaws, teeth and claws of death - has not chewed it - our bedding is a different matter). We went through the usual Petsmart types of beds that he just chewed etc. Maybe he didn't dare chew this one - and he doesn't sleep in it - it is for sitting at the window and pouting. But it is very comfortable - I know, I tried it out. Our groomer sells them and has had them in her shop for a bazillion years and they are still going strong. Since we live in Canada we had to pay more - not sure what they cost in the U.S. and they do make different models with different fabric choices. Or you could look on a site for dogs with health issues and buy an ortho bed - and maybe ask your vet for a recommendation. I know our dog's bed is made from regular foam because I have seen it when I have removed the coverings. There is a supplement for joints that a lot of Canadians like called Sasha's Blend. I am keeping it in mind. Hope you find a bed or your pup.

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Thanks for all the advice. Our dog uses the Zukes Hip Action supplements & it does help him. I'll check out the other mentioned.

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I have a Labrador and she has bad joints. I bought an Orthopaedic Memory Foam mattress and this gives her a better nights rest. I will give you the link

Here is a link that might be useful: dog beds

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