help with bathroom smell

gbishereJanuary 12, 2014

Hello friends, I have a problem with master bathroom. Strong smell almost like sewer smell. It's driving me nuts trying to figure it out also stressing me bc the smell seeps into bed room. I thought it might be mold but after tearing out two walls everything seems fine minus alot of cockroach poop. cleaned all that with no difference in smell. Now I have a different theory. House had to have new pipes installed several years ago b4 I bought house. Old Copper pipes now are still in house but not hooked up. Did they not connect new pipes in bathroom to vent correctly and how could I tell. Another theory is the old copper pipes not in use in wall don't seem to be capped off at all. I would hire a plumber but simply do not have the money. Please help

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Does the sinks, toilets, and tub drain slowly? If so,it be a caused by a clog in line.

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I don't even use the bathroom bc of the smell but the sink I use occasionally drains a bit slow but not enough for me to cause concern. I will start by pouring what down there?

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house did sit vacant for awhile and also shower head is not working in master bath so if that's not hooked up properly then the ptrap for that might very well not be. I already have that wall knocked out partially. if I replace all that plumbing maybe that will work

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put vinegar then banking soda and some hot water down shower and br sink. ran a garden hose for a few seconds down roof vent. . I just don't get where this smell is coming from. .. Am I going to find a dead animal in the wall?

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