greentfingerMay 1, 2009

We believe our dog (female 4 years old, 50+Lbs.)has a touch of mange. She scratches two spots and the hair is coming off. Not in clumps as many describe results of mange but a few hairs at a time.

We have been told that used motor oil, rubbed on the spot, will stop it. I have never had this problem before so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Please, PLEASE DON'T use motor oil on your dog!!!

My dog once had a small problem with demodex mites, which are one cause of mange. The vet gave us Ivermectin (an inexpensive and easy to administer medication) and the problem went away quickly. Some breeds should not be given this treatment, but your vet will have other options.

Your vet will also be able to determine the exact cause of your dog's problems.

Please read the information on the link below, especially the last paragraph which talks about the old practice of using motor oil on dogs.

I hope your dog is better, soon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Demodectic Mange

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In my last response, I was most concerned about dissuading you from using motor oil on your dog. Then I went back to do more reading in the article I linked to the post.

My dog developed a problem with demodex when he was just a pup. However, your dog is 4 years old. The section on "Adult Onset" states that a problem with demodectic mange (if that's the type she has) in older dogs is a sign of problems with the immune system. The underlying cause could be serious. That's all the more reason why she should be seen by her vet.

I hope it turns out that your dog's health is just fine. Keep us posted.

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I agree with Cailinriley that a Vet is the best person
to find information from and treat your dog.

Run don't walk to the phone to call your vet.

Keep in mind your dog is suffering. Mange is itchy and
with Mange everything must be washed. Anywhere your dog
has gone will need to be super clean.

There are really two types of Mange. And let's assume this
is mange and not something else. Demodectic mange is
sometimes on puppies. This mange is easier to treat. It
can begin as a localized infestation and develop into a
generalized case with multiple hair-loss. Your Vet can
tell you more.

Sarcoptic mange is contagious to canines and humans. This
one would have me running to the vet that day. If the dog
shares beds or furniture, everyone will begin scratching.
Your kids, neighbors, husband, any humans around the house
or dog will be itchy.

This mange is a form of scabies. That word makes me shiver.
Fortunately scabies in humans is self-limiting.
The mite can burrow under the skin and cause itching, but
cannot complete its life cycle on humans. Luckily it dies
within a few weeks. But with dogs it can be a horrific
cycle of new scabies mange infestion that never goes away.

Oh sorry to scare you. I scared myself there.

I am sure you can treat this with the Vet's help.
Don't use motor oil. That could kill your dog.
The fact you posted means you love your dog and
want to help her/him.

Best of luck and I hope your dog gets better soon.


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