foodonastumpMay 21, 2011

We went to a couple animal shelters today and really liked one particular pup, less than 3 months old, who they're calling a shepherd mix but to me looks closer to a black lab with a bit of rottie coloring.

Anyway, we noted a considerable amount of dandruff (?) and several small spots of missing/thin fur on his head.

We were told by the volunteers that both were due to demodex mange, for which he is under treatment and should go away. We didn't get to the stage of talking to the vet. I believe this to be a respected shelter and will trust their advice (North Shore Animal League, Long Island NY) but I'm interested in opinions here whether this sounds "right, ok and treatable."


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Last dog (Dobie) was purchased as a 10-12 week old pup from a "respected" breeder in SE PA. Name begins with a K and they specialize in Dobies, Rotts, and some other big-headed dog. Got Grace in May and by end of June took her to vets cuz she was constantly scratching and chewing. Vet did a skin scrape and confirmed demodex. I was not familiar with this so she filled me in. Something about an inability to tolerate mites that can normally occur on dog's skin. SOmething that could be treated and that dogs grow out of. Also something DIRECTLY passed from mother to puppies... hereditary. When asked where I got her... vet kinda rolled her eyes!?!

Treatment involved weekly medicated baths over maybe 4-6 weeks. I contacted breeder. Their FIRST suggestion was... RETURN her and pick out another puppy!!! Like she was a defective toaster! They sent me the medication to do the dips myself... and it was EXPIRED!! They did reimburse me for all vet expenses... though I'm sure they weren't happy about that.

THEN, after I had Grace for a year or so, I get a letter from the breeder asking if I would consider breeding her with one of their dog... because of her "excellent lineage"... blah, blah, blah. I DID mention that demodex is hereditary (not contagious)... and they want to breed her anyway!?!

Once she went thru the series of dips, she was fine.

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klseiverd - Thanks for the quick response. I'm glad everyhing worked out well with Grace; based on pictures I've ftound on the web this pup has a mild case so hopefully he'll get over it soon.

We went back to take a second look and came across another pup that hadn't been out when we were there earlier. At the risk of sounding fickle, it didn't take more than a couple minutes to know that he was the one. Light brown with a black muzzle, they're calling him a shepherd/lab mix.

So here he is, first night wasn't bad. Just need a name and some dog food. Wish us luck!

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Shelter life is hard on a dog, causes anxiety & stress...
Demodex usually gets better when the dog is in a stress-free environment.

glad to hear his first night went well;
you'll be enjoying your boy for many many years!

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