Any easy way to fix this?

fishymomMarch 4, 2014

So the oops thread got me thinking about this and wondered if anyone had any relatively easy solution, without the cabinets coming back out to fix it. I didn't realize until after the fridge was installed that I probably could have added a finish panel on this side of the fridge. I knew we didn't have the space for a full box without losing a wall cabinet or choosing a 33" fridge, which I didn't like the look of, but now that everything is finished, I see that we could have added a panel to the open end by adjusting the fillers. I really hate the way the side of the fridge looks! Any suggestions or do I just have to live with it?

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Hmmm, take cabinet sample to a sign guy, find matching vinyl, or have the color printed, buy enough to cover end of fridge. Basically a "wrap" for your fridge. We wrap cars, and laptops to make them look however people want, why not a fridge?

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Sophie Wheeler

No easy way, but the hard way is worth doing. I'd change out the cabinets personally. I couldn't live with not being able to open the fridge door fully and the inaccessible shallow depth cabinets above it. What good is a bigger cabinet somewhere else when you've designed in multiple issues like that?

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Hollysprings, the cabinets are brand new, just installed, definitely cannot change them out! This was a remodel in the same footprint, we basically replaced the old cabinets and appliances. The original kitchen from the builder had a standard freezer on top fridge that was hinged on the left, avoiding the issue with the wall. A previous owner upgraded to a side by side that had to be pulled out a foot to open the fridge door. The wall next to the fridge was cut back 7 inches when we moved in 5 years ago, before we put Travertine floors throughout the living area. We could not cut it back any more, limited by code and the electrical work on both sides of the wall. All the living room electrical controls are on the backside of the wall. I would have loved to completely fix this issue, but this was the best we could do. And the french door fridge is a huge improvement over the side by side!

OOTM_Mom, I thought about vinyl too. Oracal Beige is pretty close, a bit more yellow though. The wall cabinets are a very light taupe, so will be hard to match. I'm going to have to dig out my 3M and Avery charts and see if there is a closer match. Otherwise, if we go the vinyl route, we will have to have it printed. If all else fails, I guess we could paint it. I don't know if appliance paint can be tinted, but years ago, we painted an old dark brown fridge almond color. It looked great, held up well to abuse by a busy family and worked well for many years after.

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Can't remember where I saw it but it was on Houzz somewhere. They mounted cork board all trimmed out with molding - so it looked like a fancy message center. Not a big fan of sticky notes and tacks and such but the cork might look nice with the other colors and it could look as if it's intentional.

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Wow! Why didn't your cabinet salesperson catch this? There's not even a filler next to your fridge cabinets so you can open the door. Wish you had found GW sooner and posted your lay-out.

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Leave it. You have a beautiful new kitchen. It's not your fault for not knowing this would happen.
No one will notice this when they oooh and ahhh over your new kitchen.

Let time pass. Your kitchen will become what it is, just a kitchen! And you will stop noticing this shortcoming.

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Other than cork board suggested above, how about painting the side with chalkboard paint and use as a message center?
If you are hesitant to paint anew fridge, maybe look into Instant Chalkboard (it's removable vinyl).
Other possibilities:
IKEA Grundtal spice container on side of fridge

Here is a link that might be useful: instant chalk board

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fishymom, you haven't said anything about not being able to open the fridge door on the right, so I'm assuming that's not a problem and you're only concerned with looks. From that isolated shot, your kitchen looks really lovely.

I'm with ellendi, let it be. If it's any consolation, I also have a fridge that isn't counter-depth or paneled. It sticks out about as much as yours does, if not more, and on two sides. It was one of the prices I paid for keeping my layout the same and reusing my cabinet boxes. I'm not sure I could have done a lot better with my budget and what I had to work with.

I'm living with mine. Next time around I'll try something different, but for now, it's okay.

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" ... IKEA Grundtal spice container on side of fridge ..."

I love this idea!

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Another vote for the spice idea!

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Same boat as Linelle over here. Pretty similar look to yours, but the one side of the fridge is just bare to the entry door! Whoops. Thought I'd care a lot more, but the only person it ever bugged was me. I can also point out a spot where the tiling was cut short around an air vent, a spot where the drywall wavers a little, the fact that my island is off centre from the range hood and my ceiling lights are evenly spaced. ;) Anyone else notice? Nope. Or they know better than to comment. I agree with the others, put some spice jars on it (did that with my last one and loved it!), or cork board. Or those magnetic strips from Ikea if you don't have kids and stick your knives to them for easy access. Your kitchen's gorgeous!

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I decided to pop by in here and just realized something. With your white uppers and your wood lowers, which finish would you have chosen?

I think either would have been awkward. I like the idea of creating a purpose for the side of the fridge. But, then your eye would be drawn to it even more. Right now my honest opinion is that anyone else besides you will not look at nor comment on the side of the fridge.

Again it's a kitchen! You are allowed to see a fridge in it.

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Kathy Rivera

I like the message board idea! Or, move your Keurig down so it's right next to the fridge - that will cover up a big section of the side. I also agree with the others who say 'it's a kitchen, it's ok to see the fridge!' :)

Our kitchens are really similar - two toned in similar style/colors. I also have the exact same fridge and that fridge drawer will be SO helpful with your next to the wall situation. You can fit so much into it. And put the often used items in the top portion on the left side so you don't have to open the right side as much. Heck, my right side is my 'go to' side and I rarely have to open it all the way - just enough to reach in and grab the milk.

Don't fret - enjoy that beautiful new kitchen! :)

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I think you and GW will be the only ones to be critical of that area. It took me a bit to even see what you were referring to.

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Since getting a new fridge I show restraint and only use a few magnets on the front (my s/s will hold magnets). However those pesky sides that show hold all the magnets and postcards and comic strips that got banished from the front.

It's not just a kitchen, it's my kitchen.

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I agree with rebecca3142. I wouldn't do anything yet. If it still bothers you in a month or two, you might want to revisit some options. I will bet you will have forgotten about it. You have a beautiful kitchen. Enjoy it!

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