Gasp. I can't take it anymore.

centralcacyclistMay 14, 2010

My very large girl Lab is almost 10 now. She has started being very gassy. I have her on food for mature dogs. I will happily buy anything that won't make her gassy. I work at home and she likes to be within 5 feet of me at all times. It's awful! Even with a scented candle burning and the windows open.

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Try a grain free diet. I had a dog with simply unimaginable gas, and when I switched her to a grain free diet, the gas went away. (THANK GOD!!)

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Go get a bottle of BEANO....

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Mazer, are you serious?

Weed, any particular brand? I used to feed a white fish and sweet potato dog food to her. Mother Hubbard maybe? Would that work?

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I started feeding a raw diet to both of my dogs. I started it because one had allergies - not to food, but to stuff outside. She was on steroids 9 months of the year. Feeding raw eliminated her allergies within a month, and the bonus was that my other dog's gas went away :)

There are commercial dog foods that are grain free or nearly so. Here is one list that I found. They are definitely more expensive than standard dog food, but if it's in your budget, I'd give it a try.

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Why not switch her back to her original food if she was doing well on that? 'Senior' diets are basically a marketing ploy. Humans don't eat 'senior' food, why should dogs? As dog get older they may need less food if they are getting less exercise, so feed a little less of their preferred (high quality) food. The senior diets do typically have glucosamine/chondroitin, but probably not enough and you should give that separately anyway. Other than that, the only difference is that so-called senior foods are lower calorie and probably lower quality too.

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with 2 great danes, i have a total of 296# of dog. i thought about buying a gas mask for the occasional times they both *fluff* at the same time. ;)

i just pop a couple of gas-x pills down them and viola!, no more stink. :D

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I've been giving my dogs a scoop of fat-free, plain yogurt every morning for a couple of years now and it really seems to cut down on the gas. I also feed grain-free foods and that helps, too.

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I know cats far better than dogs, but when our aged dog still walked this earth (or jetted over it on flatulent days) I fed him plain meats and commercial tinned food only. The comemrcial dry foods, including the grain-free varieties, were too high in carbs which seemed the culprit in his gusty days as he rarely pooted on all wet food. He was almost 100 pounds of adorable, stupid, gaseous, barking, clownish love, so the wet diet wasn't cheap. Supplementing all the tinned food with meats helped reduce expense greatly.

Once the vet determines that nothing is physiologically wrong, maybe a change in diet may help right him again.

And I give the cats plain, Greek-style yoghurt a few times each week. Not any of the market brands, they're full of unhelpful junk that can impede the purpose, but pure milk and cultures (and nothing else) yoghurt keeps their tummies in good order. Or you can buy cultures to add to your pooty pup's food.

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I'll try plain yogurt and see if that works. I'll report back. This is a new problem not associated with food changes as far as I can tell. She is just getting older, I suspect. She is 115 pounds of love and methane.

If the yogurt fails, I'll try grain-free food. This food has brown rice and other grains but no corn, which I never feed.

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Yup Im serious. Beano - a couple of drops on the food just like the bottle says....Gas X works is time for a little more fresh air in your life!!

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I have a bottle of tablet Beano. I'll try giving her a half a tablet.

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LOL! I'll have to tell my BIL ... his dog STINKS!

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I'm not sure about the Beano. Her gas seems to have subsided some but she had a loose BM accident in the night. I'm not sure if it's related or not.

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de-worm her, roundworms are a huge issue with lower GI issues.

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I've never seen a worm. Frankly, I'm nervous about doing anything more than getting her settled. After the poo accident she began throwing up. I've fed her brown rice and baby food chicken or turkey in small amounts for a few days now and am adding a new dog food (AvoDerm Mature) back in. She seems to be much better. Appetite back, no vomiting. No gas. Perky and ready for a romp again.

But I will watch for worm signs just in case.

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A warning do not smoke.....

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