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JoAnn_FlaMarch 3, 2013

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe has announced his intention to drop Saturday mail delivery, and heâÂÂs trying to persuade Congress and the public that itâÂÂs the right thing to do. It isnâÂÂt!

Tell Congress you want to stop this foolish plan to cut the services you need!

Taking away the services that Americans depend on will not solve the Postal ServiceâÂÂs financial problems. In fact, these changes would ultimately just tear apart this essential American institution, resulting in a Postal Service that can no longer serve the public in the way it has for the last 237 years.

Here is a link that might be useful: Take action while we still can

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No sign up in this household. sorry. We don't believe that Americans NEED Sat mail. Some might want it, but no one NEEDS it.

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I spoke to my postman a couple of days ago and he says he doesn't think it will actually happen - if they still plan to deliver packages to homes, he says it doesn't make a lot of sense to not deliver mail. It doesn't really make a difference to me - it just means 10-hour days, M-F, for the post people instead of 8.

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I am not going to sign up either. It is a money loosing venture... and not going out on Saturday might be good. It would be better, if packages were dropped on Saturdays as well.


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We have never had Saturday mail delivery in Ontario. Believe me, you CAN live without mail being delivered on a Saturday.

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I know I would rather drop Saturday delivery than be billions in debt.

No signing here either.

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No, I won't sign either.

I like Saturday delivery, but in no way do I NEED it.

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237 years~~~time for a change!

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I don't know about anyone else here, but in the past few years our town post office now opens at 10:00AM,band we have a variety of carriers rather than one who we knew.
I am constantly getting mail for neighbors on the right and left of me and sometimes mail that belongs way across town.
I also don't think I will miss Saturday mail. if this does indeed happen, i hope it helps. If I have something very important to mail, i sometimes use UPS instead.

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Most of what I receive is just junk mail. I won't miss Saturday delivery. I won't sign either. I can't imagine how anyone "can't do without" Saturday delivery.

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Thanks for giving the link to the petition.

All of us KTers are internet savvy, and it's easy to forget how many in the US still rely on "snail mail."

Banks are open on Saturdays, and that cut could affect deposits, etc. for the non-tech folks.

It seems like something we might want to cut in the future, after a higher % of our people use the internet for bank accounts and communications.

In the meantime, I may well sign the petition.

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I certainly could do without Saturday mail, too.

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Those of you who think you can do without Sat. delivery--stop and think. There's a Monday holiday usually about once a month--that means there will be stretches of 3 days without mail. That's not acceptable to me. No matter how much you may use internet, automatic deposits, etc, we all still get a lot of time-sensitive materials.

I could get on board a lot easier IF they were proposing no Monday delivery--because that wouldn't give us many 3 day off stretches. But, of course, the PO wouldn't think of proposing that because businesses would NEVER stand for it.

Thanks for the link--I'm with you, there's no need to stop this service. Might be time to make other changes. Having recently moved--in the old location, within 2 miles of my house there were upwards of FIVE walk in post offices. At the new location? The nearest post office is 4 miles away, and there are only 3 within about 6-7 miles of my house. And everyone seems to be getting by just fine. Perhaps that could be a good start--does every tiny town actually need their own PO? When there's one a quarter or half mile away? That's just one idea. What about requiring older neighborhoods to put in curb mailboxes, so no carriers would have to walk their route--they can deliver to many more houses when they're driving than walking, thus cutting down on the number of carriers needed.

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OK.......... all of you that don't care about Saturday mail is fine, but what abut those people losing their jobs, or cutting back on their hours. I talked to one of the mail carriers and they will be having their hours cut.
I It may not effect us so much but it will hurt the employees.

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Nope, not signing either. Should have happened a decade ago, and maybe it would have been financially healthier today.

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I am very bad about checking my mail and only average about once a month (all my bills and important things are done online) so it doesn't matter a bit in terms of my own perspective. I can't imagine anything in the mail being so important that it can't wait an extra day or two, and if it is, it should probably be sent in a different manner.

I do feel for people getting their hours/jobs cut but it is happening in every industry so I don't think one should be protected over the others.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I can't think of anything of a time sensitive nature that is delivered to us by mail. We take care of everything on line....whenever we want to.

Business matters can be handled during the week...just like phone contacts, business meetings. I won't miss it at all.

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I have nothing so time-sensitive that it cannot make it through a three day stretch without mail.

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not signing up either. The post office needs to become efficient before they find themselves getting bought out. DHL was looking into buying it up that would mean a tremendous amount of job cuts and they would not in any way have to honor ANY retirements at all...look at what happened to retirees w Kodak just recently. I drive 8 mi each way to work, in that very short distance I pass by 6 post offices and there are another 3-4 w/in a 2 mi radius off my main road. THAT is insanely wasteful...I am a logistics manager for the 3rd largest landscape plant grower in FL shipping from VA to TX doing millions $$ a month I can't stand any waste in a business that can & should tighten it self up. ~ liz

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I have been doing more thinking about this. Your post office window will still be open like normal. You can do everything except get your mail. Personally, I would be happy without package delivery, too. I can't imagine being so stressed by not getting mail or a package on a Saturday instead of on Monday. I compare this with our bank. Our bank lobbies are closed on Saturday with the driveup window being the only thing open until noon. You can only do certain business at the driveup. Nothing major. Banks also close on holidays. Why will this be any different? If this helps cut costs for the postal service I say go for it !!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Joann, this is a last ditch effort to save the USPS. Sometimes, cut-backs are required in order to preserve the company. The postal service is desparate to save the farm!

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I think stopping home delivery on Saturdays is fine - I think the post office itself on Saturdays should also be closed. I mail lots of things to all parts of the country all the time and I use the automated machine and pay with my ATM card - never had a problem I love that I can use the machine 24 - 7 ...

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I don't have a problem with them cutting out one day a week. It makes more sense to me for them to remove a weekday like Wednesday rather than a Saturday. Saturday is the day people who work have for mailing personal items.

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You have banks open on Saturday? It's kind of a dying trend.

Jobs are getting eliminated all over the place. The USPS is a government agency that is tasked with providing a service that is not profit generating but they can't make changes without legislation. It's an odd duck within our government.

Personally, I would much rather see cost cutting happening at the USPS than I would within our military. I've always thought Saturday delivery of mail was kind of a waste, even when I was a kid.

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I believe the post office would not be in financial difficulties were it not for the action of congress in 2006, whereby they passed legislation forcing the post office to pre-fund retiree health benefits 75 years into the future. The Postal service has to do this by giving the treasury $5.5 billion every single year. ThatâÂÂs a requirement that no business, or any government agency has ever had to comply with. And itâÂÂs the reason why the post office is closing down post offices, laying off workers, and cutting down delivery service.

If they must stop Saturday mail delivery, I can live with that, but if not for this act of congress, it wouldn't be necessary.

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The big problem of the Post Office and the actual cause of the recently reported astronomical budget deficits, is a law that Congress passed (in 2006 IIRC) that requires the Post Office to fund the future retirement benefits, pensions and health care for all of their current and potential future employees through the year 2075, right now, in full. So as of when the law went into effect the Post Office suddenly had a liability to fund these future benefits to the tune of 15 Billion dollars, and big surprise they shortly thereafter reported that had a 15 Billion dollar budget shortfall for the year.

It is as if the IRS passes a rule that says rather than us paying taxes a little at a time every paycheck every year, instead they've now decided that we must figure out what your tax liability will be for the next 30 years, and pay it all right now.

Despite the fact that one of the duties of the Congress that is plainly stated in the Constitution, that they will support and maintain the postal service, it seems that instead they are trying to outright destroy it.

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Thank you silverdove and bob_cville for stating what so few people seem to know! That ridiculous requirement makes a huge impact on the po. There is a certain sector of politicians who would dearly love to see the po privatized, which would then become another way for middle men to make more money off the rest of us.

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