Can a dog catch poison ivy ?

toomuchglassMay 24, 2006

They opened a new dog park by us . It's wonderful !!! However - there are signs posted all over to "watch out for poison ivy" . I was just wondering if a dog can catch it.

I Sure don't need THAT coming home with us !!!!

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Not sure aboput the dog, but the oil from the plant can be carried on the dog's coat, so when you touch it, you get it.

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Right, the dog can't get it, but they can give it to you. It'd be nice if someone could go around the dog park with Roundup-I'm not too crazy about using herbicides, but poison ivy is awful.

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Second to what others have said.. if your dog runs through poison ivy and then you pet him and then you wipe your face - voila - rash - o - roni ..

Not to mention - if your dogs run around in poison ivy while camping and then sleeps with you in your sleeping bag (and you sleep in the buff) you will get a rash all over your entire body. Don't ask me how I know that either....

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Oh No !!!! (trying so hard to hold back a laugh ~)
Sounds like something that would be MY luck .. LOL ..
I hope you didn't suffer "too" much . :)

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Oh, gees, Joepyeweed, you have my sympathy. One time on a hike my boxer got ahead of me and when I caught up, she was clinging to the edge of the river. I had to pretty much wallow in poison ivy to get her out, so just the words "poison ivy" gives me the shivers.

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I got a better question. How long do the oils from PI stay on the fur/hair and do you need to wash it out- if so will regular decent dog shampoo work? I think I might be one of "those people" who don't get a reaction from it. I do a lot of hiking and walking around in the woods and have never had a PI problem in my life that I can remember. But I have often wondered as I am standing knee deep in what looks like PI if the dog can get a rash if the oils get down into the skin.

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" The urushiol resin remains stable, even in dead or dried plants, and therefore is equally hazardous in the winter as in the summer. Once again-Never Burn it!"
Theoretically, forever. Actually the dog brushes it off on furniture and other plants and when its fur sheds bit by bit. I have gotten PI from our dogs 2 days after they have been in a suspect area.

Here is a link that might be useful: How would I get PI from my pet...

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The urushiol oil (the poison ivy active ingredient) does break down when washed with warm soapy water. If you give your dog a warm soapy bath that should take care of the oil.

And they do make special soaps and lotions that break down the oil to minimizes its effects. I usually wear ivy block on my legs and arms when hiking.

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I figured if it's supposed to come off of pants in the laundry... Surely a thorough bath outta do it. That puts my mind at ease!

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quirkyquercus, From what I understand the more you expose yourself to PI, your body becomes less and less tolerant of it. I would have to agree with that, At one time I could pull it up with my bare hands and never get it. Now, if I am exposed to it, it gets in my system and pops up in the most delicate of places.

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They make PI block products? Huh. Never seen anything for man nor beast around here. Does the same hold true for Poison Summac?

You do have to admit, bringing home PI is better than a few other things they could bring home.

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I believe that dogs can catch poison ivy. When exposed to the oil infrequently it makes them prone to an allergic reaction.

I found this on a website. I think my dog has it, he now has a secondary bacterial infection from biting at the site and the itchy skin on his back and hinds.

Poison oak and poison ivy belong to a group of plants called toxicodendron. These are also known as Rhus species. The toxic principle in poison oak and poison ivy is urushiol. This toxin is an oil resin found in the plant sap. Animals are quite resistant to the effects of urushiol but can transmit the toxin to a person.

Dogs and cats typically come in contact with the poison ivy or poison oak plant in wooded areas. They may ingest some of the plant but, more likely, they will rub against it will walking. The sap from the plant can adhere to the hair coat. When you pet your dog or cat later, the sap can transfer from their fur to your skin. If you are susceptible to poison oak or poison ivy, skin irritation can occur.

In animals, exposure to urushiol infrequently results in skin irritation.

What to Watch For

# Red inflamed skin
# Itchiness
# Raised bumps or swellings on the skin
# Vomiting/diarrhea if plant is ingested

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***This is a really old thread***

A couple of months ago we were at a truck stop and I was emptying my dogs. Walking along the woodland edge so they can pee on everything, I was standing there staring off into space tired after a long trip. I turned around and there before me the dogs were sniffing around in the biggest, most ferocious poison ivy I had ever seen. They were practically buried in it. After letting out a series of very loud naughty words that could be heard throughout the gas station, I put the dogs back inside the truck and we went on our merry way. I was fully expecting a terrible rash but it never happened. For the rest of the day, every little itch I felt and I was certain it was the onset of symptoms!!

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i would feel that way too! in fact I feel that way now. for some reason my other dog Lincoln (female) never got a rash from poison ivy, but Duke (male) pees right on the plant (I mean all up on the plant) and starts itching...very confusing?? He chews and scratches at his groin and belly area (that is how it started) then it was his paws, then his back. Before we noticed it, he had pus oozing from his hinds and his back. I was horrified! I had no idea that some dogs can catch it and some dogs can not. It's just weird!

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My neighbor went hiking with her big black lab. She was wearing shorts and the lab was off bounding in the wild. Since a young pup, the lab liked to walk between mommy's legs. Now that he is 85#, he still noses her legs open, but when he walks between her legs, she has to get on tippy-toes to keep from going giddyup like on a horse! Now add poison ivy on his fur to this scenario and have her wearing short-shorts! Pooor lady!

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that's terrible!!!

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My 8 year old Irish setter had poison ivy bad last year. The vet gave him cortisone shots and a medicated cream. This poor dog was miserable for a couple weeks. He had the rash everywhere he licked hisself and also in his mouth. He would cry and couldn't sleep for a long time. Yes they CAN get it.

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hi everyone - wondering if anyone could help me. i live at a dead end with acres & acres of woods where we walk our english mastiff. lately, i've noticed that he's been grabbing leaves on the way out off of bushes, etc to munch on - which i've yelled at him about. well tonight- he grabbed a poison ivy leaf & ate it. he seems to be ok - but i'm worried - what do you guys think? thanks for any feedback.....

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Can you prevent your dog from geting poison ivy by haveing the vet give them a shot? Also I feel bad for you nancy in mich.

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Im interested in a vacation home in upstate new York, I just found out there is PI on the property. I have two dogs and am concerned, perhaps I can fence off an area just for them, and have professional landscapers come in and hack it out.

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