Have you been Bing-ed

EAM44March 25, 2013

as it were? I don't mind ads I can ignore, but these violate my laptop screen when I'm trying to enter image codes.

You know, the harder you make it to help someone, the less likely we all are to try.

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I'm seeing that and ads that cover the post a followup and preview box (on the right) which is really annoying when you need edit as you type.

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Thanks Eat. Sometimes I think my temperament is ill suited to forum life - but it's not just me. They aggravate you too. I feel better now.

Till we're binged again...

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Your temperment may be ill suited to these annoyances however YOU provide us with THE NICEST--and inexpensive ha ha --backsplash selections I have ever seen. So you must persevere, at least until I get a backsplash too !

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Are you running AddBlock?

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Thanks Eat! I shall persevere.

Brick, I hadn't heard of Adblock but will google it presently. Thanks.

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Firefox with Adblock Plus or Chrome with Adblock. Easy peasy. I haven't seen an ad on here in close to 10 years. And it was Gardenweb's obnoxious ads that drove me to it back then.

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