New here---sharing travel photos

texashottieDecember 16, 2007

I just got a new Nikon as an early Christmas present. I'm looking forward to learning how to use it better and hope to post some photos...

I love to travel--Here's some from my point-and-shoot:

Delft, Netherlands

The Czech Republic--Kutna Hora:

I love this quaint, old city, Cesky Krumlov, nestled in the green hills of Bohemia:

Atop the leaning tower of Pisa, watching a qualifying bike race for the Tour de France. I love the vivid colors of the old buildings:

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very nice photos! looks like a fun trip!

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Great pics, I love the Bohemian village. Didn't know you could go up in the Pisa tower, thought it was a little unsteady!

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Nice photos- I like the village and how the roofs are mostly all the same color. It gives a sense of community.

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Very nice photos, please share more.
What kind of Nikon did you get? I am hoping to buy a Nikon D80 tomorrow.

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Welcome, texashottie,
Great photos, especially of Cesky Krumlov.
Do you mind if I ask wherein Texas you are? My wife is from Galveston.

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Oh, thank you to everyone! It's been fun seeing others' pictures on here too, and you all seem so laid-back and polite (compared to other forums around here) :)

Minrose, my husband bought me the D300!! I'm so excited! We took it out to a soccer field and threw the dog the ball, and tried to get some action shots of him for practice. I think we're going to be glued to that manual for awhile until all those settings become second nature.

Ron, I'm way north, near Grapevine, near DFW airport. I can see the planes at night taking off and landing.

Bigack, they just started allowing people back up on the tower in the last few years. Somehow they reinforced it and made it safe.

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These are lovely shots!.... very distinctive European towns or cities.
Have you got a picture from the leaning tower itself?

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I'm at work at a dental office and it's slow because it's before Christmas.... so I have time to post! :)

This is the leaning tower of Pisa. It's actually a bell tower for a church, and the church and baptistry are beside it.

This was an interesting story. This is me with the Italian security guy (and that's not my underwear showing! That's a money belt so no one can pickpocket me!) on top of the tower.

Those girls around us were mentally challenged and from Britian. Their teachers climbed the tower with them and had them on "leashes." The guard, who spoke no English, took the "leash" from the teacher and led the girl to the bell in the background, and told her something about it in Italian. The girl just stared at him blankly because she did not understand his language. Finally he just leaned over and kissed her forehead sweetly. I thought he was such a kind-soul!

The girl looked stunned and the teacher laughingly exclaimed that she "just had her first Italian kiss!"

All of us were laughing together on top of the tower despite the language barrier. The guard was everything that you hear the stereotypical Italian to be---warm, loving life, and so friendly. I'll never forget him. ;)

This is the pic of the Roman Colliseum. This whole structure used to be covered with marble. The people in the pic are at the stage level, and all the network at the bottom-most layer are the hallways and channels and "elevators" that were beneath the stage in which animals were hoisted up for gladiator events, etc. Amazing this was all BC.


Piazza Navona:

Gosh, I could go on and on! :)

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Fantastic photos, texashottie.
My daughter and her husband lived in Italy for three years while he was in the Air Force. My wife and I had the opportunity to visit them for a couple weeks in the fall of '06. Isn't it just a fantastic place to explore? They were just an hour away from Venice by train. What a life! I'll have to do some digging and find some pics.
Thanks for sharing.

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Ron, I would love to see your pics!! That's a pretty incredible opportunity for your daughter--and for you and your wife to visit! I hope you post yours at some point. :)

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Nice photos!

It's hard to see if the cable that is running from the Leaning Tower, is the one that is holding it in place or if it is a different type of cable.

I know they used to have it wired to keep it from leaning further while they tried to stabilize it.


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This is cool, Texashottie...oh yea,'re really a hottie!...lovely shot's!
I think they stabilized the tower with some kind of mud jacking?

Have you traveled Switzerland yet?.. my native country.

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Kt, I didn't notice any cables.... at least I don't remember any. But that's not to say that there weren't any!

Konrad, I would love to go to your native country! You currently live in my husband's native province. :) Do you have pics to share of Switzerland?

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Great pics. And, Konrad, you stole my line. ;)

Hope you post some more pics from your new camera here, TH.

C'mon up to Amarillo and you can be "TexasCOOL this time of year. You can even bring Minrose along if you just have to. Ha.

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>>You currently live in my husband's native province.Wow...what a small world!

>Do you have pics to share of Switzerland?The last time I was back, about 3 years ago I didn't have a digital camera, I have to do some digging, my
sister send me some, I'm very busy in the moment, it'll be a while.
A merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to all the guys on this web!

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texashottie (love that screen name)
I'd be thrilled to share some Italy pictures here. I'm working my tail off this week. Be patient. Hopefully between Christmas and New Years I can get them uploaded and posted.

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Awesome!! I'll keep my eyes peeled for your pics, both of you!! :)

Yes, I hope to post some pics with the new camera soon... maybe next week since I'm off too. Hopefully we keep our high 60's temperature.

Merry Christmas!!

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