Fridge and Range next to each other & handles don't match..

megs1082March 22, 2014

So, it's 3:30 in the morning, and I'm supposed to order my range later today. I'm still up because I'm stressed over my appliance handles! I finally decided to stop googling and just post here for perspective. My brain is tired of making decisions. We're moving right now and I hate making decisions. I've had to make way too many in the span of a month! I realize in the course of life, that appliances handles aren't a big deal, but they feel like it right now!

My dh and I purchased a large, but dated, new to us home. We are trying to make changes, on a budget. At some point, the backsplash and hardware will be changed. The cabinets may also be painted, in the future. I posted a picture of the kitchen on another thread, asking for appliance finish advice. I decided to go with stainless. We found an open box, Samsung refrigerator, for a really great deal, so that sort of made the brand decision for us on a refrigerator. When we bought the refrigerator, I didn't notice that the Samsung handles were pretty distinctive as compared to other low to mid end appliance brands. I had chosen (based on online reviews/features for the price), a Samsung range. Then I went to look in the store and wasn't as pleased in person. I didn't care that much for the overall look and don't really like the grate shape. To me, it seems like there is a bar missing on each corner. I looked at sears and happened to find a range I like quite a bit, that is more heavily featured (true convection etc), for the same price (on sale). It is a kenmore (rebranded Frigidaire), and while the stainless color is very close, the handles are VERY different. If the appliances weren't going to be right next to each other, I wouldn't give it a second thought, but being so close, I'm worried it will bug me. I know this will never look like a high-end, dream kitchen, but I don't want to throw things off even further from ideal, with just an appliance! I'm attaching a picture of the fridge in my kitchen, as well as the 2 current range options. There will be an island, reinstalled where you see the cord sticking through the wood floors. If you look to the left of the cord, you can see the mark in the hardwood, that indicates the stopping point. Unfortunately, you will probably still be able to see the range handle above it. I think it's probably worse, since the Samsung drawer is almost even with the range handle.

What do you think? Are the 2 styles just 2 different to work well? Is this a case where it is better to go with the same brand? The Samsung is well reviewed...

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from side - visible from great room

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Kenmore range

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Sophie Wheeler

Either will be fine visually.

Functionally, Frigidaire has a much lower build quality and lower quality components. It's builder grade, even when they use the ''pro'' designation. It's anything but that. Samsung has decent quality----except when it doesn't and you need service. That, and parts, can be difficult to get. For a range in the price zone that you're looking at, I'd actually recomme d GE. It will be more expensive than the Frigidaire/Kenmore models because it's better built. GE gets good long term reports from Consumer Reports for reliability and even cooking.

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Why not embrace what they SHARE, and run with that. You have gently arching stainless handles, that echo the gentle arches in your cabinet panels. Now, how about some silver/nickel/stainless toned gently arching cabinet handles? Now, you have a collection of similar but slightly different arches by design, and it all echoes the same theme...

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Either way I think you'll be just fine with the handles :)

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They look very similar to me. I had to keep looking before I noticed Kenmore is more flat handle and fridge is more rounded. They both arch full width of appliance, looks like similar projection distances. Unless it is dramatically different IRL than in the pictures, I think you are OK either way.

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They all look fine. Since you pointed it out, I really had to look for a difference and it still didn't pop out.

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I agree with Linelle, that I had to look twice as the shape of the handles is similar and the stainless is similar. I feel they will look fine near one another.

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I agree with HollySprings as well as Linelle and Lynn2006 - they look fine together.

I echo HollySprings as well on the appliance reliability - we had a GE Profile Convection range that lasted 13 years and was going strong with no issues when we remodeled - we donated it to our church for a family in need. For cooking products - I think GE is excellent (and may be the best) in the low to mid price range. We were so pleased with our previous experience that we went with a GE Profile cooktop and GE Profile Trivection Double Oven. It's been just about 6 years since we remolded (wow! it's been that long?!) and I have no complaints with either appliance.

In my townhouse, we had all-Kenmore appliances and all except the washing machine were dying when we moved - and they were only about 7 years old!

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I'm with everyone else, I don't think you'll notice it when it's all in. I, too, had to look to see the difference & honestly, I still don't see much of one. All of the appliances I chose are different brands with different handles & it's a small kitchen. Go w/ what you want & you'll be very happy.

By the way, your kitchen is very nice looking. I wish you luck in your new home & that you make some great memories there.

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Sorry for not posting back until now; all our things are finally moved into our new home. Now to clean the old one so we can get renters!

Thank you all for your opinions and advice! I did go ahead and order the Kenmore range. I considered a GE range, but in the end, I would have had to pay almost 2xs as much for a similarly featured range. I did research through consumer reports, and for 2013, GE and Frigidaire tied for first, for brand reliability in the gas range category. Kenmore was just one point behind. I also have a Kenmore range in my old home (don't know if it was made by Frigidaire at that time), and it is at least 12 years old. It doesn't look pretty, but everything is still functioning well. Anyway, for the price I couldn't justify the GE purchase. There are both good and bad reviews for both brands. It seems you either luck out with a good appliance, or a problematic one, in either case!

Thanks again!

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Excellent! I'm sure they look just fine. Post pics if you can.

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