Dog groomer in Ann Arbor, Mi area

mrsgymMay 19, 2010

I am in search of a more reasonably priced groomer. I pay $40. on up for a 10 lb. cockapoo, for a puppy cut, and I can no longer afford that much. I try to stretch it out in between, as I can groom his face, hind end, and cut his nails. I have called every place in the phone book and they are $40. and up. I greatly appreciate your help.

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You might post on craigslist.

I wish you the best.

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Have you checked out any dog grooming schools or training programs in your area?

I know that the technical high school near me has a hair styling and makeup curriculum (for humans, not dogs!) and they offer very low-cost cuts and other treatments performed by the students.

I would think that dog groomers-in-training would have a need for a steady stream of animals to practice on.


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