How long can a dog hold it

glaserberlMay 8, 2010

We found out just how long this weekend. We left yesterday at 1:00 to go to a out of town soccer tournament for our son. The neighbors were supposed to feed the cats and the dog and let the dog out. We came home about 4:30 today and the crew was overjoyed to see us. Not unusual. I looked in the fridge and saw that all the cat food(they eat raw) was still there. I immediately called the neighbor and they just about died when they saw my name on the caller id and realized they forgot. They had put a note on their fridge and I was to call Friday and leave a message to remind them. I did call and their adult son who lives at home answered. He was going to remind his parents. He forgot.

So everybody went without food and the dog without potty break for 27 hours. No accident and everybody is fine.


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lol... that is good information for all of us to have. I honestly think once a dog is housetrained, he will hold it as long as he can until he can get to the spot he thinks he is "suppose to go".

That being said, a pup can hold it roughly (general rule of thumb) one hour for each month of age up until 6 months. After that, they should be able to hold it all day.

However, remember they aren't robots just like we are not. I can hold it all day myself and sometimes do. However, I have a few friends that I think must have bladders the size of peanuts and MUST go every few hours. EEEEEEwww (freaks!). Just kidding. Its individual but you get the picture -- they are just rules of thumb.

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Good thing you were not gone longer. My friends dog can hold it over a day when it is raining hard. She refuses to go out in inclimate weather.

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Our 2 yr. old lab goes without a potty break for 12 hours or more at night. After 6:00 p.m. she doesn't care to go out and if she does, she doesn't relieve herself --- then she sleeps until 7:00-7:30 a.m. next morning. She can go out anytime she chooses but doesn't. So, we go for a day trip and try not to stay more than 10 hrs. (We stopped crating her when she was 3 mos. old so she gets the run of the house.) When we get home, she isn't anxious to get out and pee ---- just wants to play.

Dogs are amazing!!!

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Mazer, I'm in Nashville where all the flooding has been. Major disaster area here (literally). I had 4 dogs in the house for 2 days, and 3 of them are afraid of thunder storms.

I swear that 2 of them went almost 2 days without peeing because of this fear and all the rain. We have a dog door and no flooding in our yard. We literally had to MAKE them go outside. Imagine doggy-legs crossed.

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I don't know where you live but please consider hiring a professional pet sitter. Even if it is only an occasional situation it really is peace of mind. I own a Fetch! Pet Care franchise in the Detroit Michigan suburbs. We NEVER forget a pet visit.....we are insured and bonded and take great pride in our dependability. Rates are affordable as well for the peace of mind. I would be very upset if my dog had to go 27 hours without a potty break, whether or not an accident happened or not. Time yourself: Can you go 27 hours without going to the bathroom without discomfort? I don't think so.

The bottom line is friends and neighbors get busy and do forget. A pet sitter (any insured and bonded sitter is better than an unreliable neighbor) is a great alternative. Even for a few times a year...once they have you on file and know your dog it really is peace of mind.


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I don't know how long a dog could hold it but I would be worried that there is a chance of infection with it sitting in the baldder for that length of time. Plus it just plain isn't good for the pet dog or cat.

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We had a male dog and a male cat as well who developed such severe struvite problems they had to have a ureterostomy. Of course some of this is the chemistry of the animal, the diet, and the sex of the animal......but the vet suggested that with the dog anyway, holding the urine in the bladder for long periods can contribute to the problem.

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I sure wish I could hold it that long,My dobie likes to go out every 4 hrs , but have left for several hours no problem.I do believe she has to check on things so lets go out side, and she gets up once a night. I guess it could be worse she could have menopause , one in the house is

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My neighbors once called me to ask if I could go over and let their dog out--they were on vacation and got snowed in at the airport and couldn't get home, and their pet sitter had already left the house and couldn't get back. The dog was a 13 year old beagle/pomeranian cross.

By the time I snow shoed over to their house, 2 miles away (we had a blizzard that day), the dog had been home alone for 40 hours. He had held it that long. I must admit I've never seen him move so fast as he did when I opened the door. That was one happy, relieved puppy dog!

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I am always freaked out by our tiny dog who holds it whenever its raining or whenever we travel. I'm sure its not good for her, but I can't make her pee if she won't do it.

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We had to board our lab overnight one time- it was for about 36 hours. It killed me to do it, but I didn't feel there was any other choice at the time. She held it the entire time. The staff was great and was very concerned about her not going. Needless to say, she was happy to get home to her own yard. I never boarded her again.

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