Gator close up

solstice98December 27, 2008

It's been warm in Central Florida during the day, but cool at night. The sunshine brings out the gators for a little warm up. This guy was just across a 12 foot creek from us - it's the closest I've ever been to one this size. I didn't pull out a tape measure, but I'm sure he was 8 or 9 feet nose-to-tail.


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Great shots!

Looks like he lost a toe in an argument with another male sometime in his past.

We have them here but haven't seen one in a few years.


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Great shots from me, too! I'd want to make sure I was far enough away to run as I'm not a good runner, heard they can move fast...

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You only have to be a little faster than the slowest person present! LOL Just kidding....

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I have never seen one only pictures of them but I think if I did I would run screaming. They look so evil. Glad I don't live where they are.

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Great pictures!...only seen one's in a ditch when visiting the space center.


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The Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge area is right next to the space center. We've seen gators there several times but rarely see one this close up. This was just a perfect sighting day because it had been cool at night but warm and sunny during the day.

Doris, even though there are gators in Florida, we don't see them unless we go looking for them. Probably a lot like bears or wolves in Michigan. I guess they do look evil, or at least 'dangerous', but to me they mostly just look primitive.

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