Anyone have a pocket garden hose like shown on TV?

pump_toadMarch 31, 2013

I have seen these hoses advertized on TV and they look so handy but am not so sure they work like they do on TV. Actually, I saw one at Walgreens and I was tempted but decided to check here and see if anyone has one.

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I got one, it is ok, not great. It isn't very long and the pressure could be better. Handy for container watering.

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My neighbor got one and has hated it - doesn't do what they say and it also sprung a leak soon after he got it. Buy AFTER reading reviews!

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My granddaughter bought one for me from KMart. We used it once to pressure wash my big rig. It worked fine for that. I think it reaches a 20 ft. length. So far just having son in law use it one time. We liked it.


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Wow, thanks for pointing me to the reviews on Amazon. I am glad I did not buy it.......

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I told my DH I thought it might be nice to have one for the porch and he was going to buy me one but the reviews were not good so he didn't buy one...

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I like watching that commercial but I would never buy one.

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If I see something on TV that I want I first read some reviews, then buy it when it comes to Walmart, that way I can take it back, no shipping or handling charges to deal with. I haven't bought that product though.

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I'm committed to not buying "As seen on TV" stuff. I currently own a 75 foot real rubber hose. It was recommended by the workers at the nursery where I buy my spring plants. I take it up in the winter and I've had it about 5 years and it works just great!

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I was tempted to buy one too, so glad this was posted.

I didn't know that Walmart carried the things advertised on T.V. I wonder if our Canadian ones do, too.

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