Cat ranway-help needed!!!

parent_of_oneMay 14, 2011

I am not sure if anyone has any advice on the issue, but thank you in advance...

My cat is indoor cat, and never ever wants to go outside, somehow we had screen on one of our windows moved and she jumped down...she was hiding in the bushes, we tried to get her, and she was not too happy. It happened in the morning, we can't find her now and she is pretty much has been gone all day....She is declawed so she can't withstand if she is attacked by any wild creature.....

She is not vocal, pretty much makes no noise so it is like we can't hear her outside...

I guess my question is if there is any trick to lure her in? We kept the door open with food by the door, but first of all it is too cold and then we are scared we'll get some wild animals come in....and we can't keep the door open at night

Our cat was very ill two months ago, had 2 surgeries, we were ready to put her down but she recovered and is doing great. It caused us a lot of anxiety when she was sick, I cried every day while she was ill and now we are going though the same thing, we are not coping too well, we are both upset and either walking around the house outside calling for her or get each other upset by constantly talking about what horrors are going to happen to her outside...

if anybody had similar experience and can think of anything how to get a runaway cat back, please let me know...thank you

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The Purebred Cat Breed Rescue has a good write up on lost cats. I'll link it in for you

Here is a link that might be useful: lost cats

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So sorry your baby is missing. Check out the link posted by kittens. I know several people have had luck by leaving food outside so your kitty wont get hungry and wander far from home looking for food. Post signs in your neighborhood, and don't give up.

Good Luck and keep us posted.

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If she had a favorite bed, leave it outside in a protected area and keep checking the area. Also leave some of your clothes that have your scent on them outside.

Did you see her run away when you tried to catch her or did she stay in the bushes?

I would keep putting out fresh food, like canned Tuna or canned cat food, to try and draw her back to your home.

Keep calling her and keep looking. Sometimes they're nearby and just too scared to respond.

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Put her litterbox outside your door (do NOT clean it first). Her own scent should keep her close. Put warm (smelly) canned food right outside your door after dark. She'll be more likely to come out of hiding under cover of darkness. If you have a porch light that you can keep on so that you can see her approach the food, that'll help. Keep your door slightly cracked open so that you won't startle her with the sound of the door unlatching.

If she doesn't show up for food within the first couple of hours after dark, go out and search for her with a flashlight. Cats are often easier to find in the dark because a flashlight will illuminate their eyes. As you search, talk casually to her in as relaxed and inviting a tone as you can muster. Soothe her with your voice. She'll pick up on and react fearfully to any anxiety she hears in your voice.

If you can't get her back inside tonight, go to your local humane society, rescue group, animal control, or wildlife office (state or federal) as soon as any of them are open and borrow or rent a live trap. Set the trap up outside your door at night, if necessary.

If you still don't have her back inside by Monday morning, call all of the above noted sources, in addition to all area vets, and give them all a description of your cat and your contact information. Better yet, create posters with a photo of her and your contact information, and distribute them to all of the above and to all of your neighbors within a 5-8 block radius.


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thank you everybody! My cat came back save and sound and wet in a rain! Great ideas for the future, i didn't think of putting litterbox or her bed (she does have her bed)outside. Food is tricky, she does not like can food at all, she only eats dry food of specific brand and it has no smell LOL

I thought about live trap but always wonder what if I catch racoon or skunk in there rather than my cat?

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Glad she's back, safe and sound!

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So happy to hear she is back home and safe!

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I'm so glad to read you kitty came home! Let's hope she was scared just enough to stay indoors now. Never a coon but I've caught a skunk in a squirrel trap before. It pulled all the dirt it could reach outside of the cage into the cage and made a cave. (I was told they do this). So, it was easy to get rid of him. I just opened the door and left. He couldn't see me when I walked over so didn't spray. When the coast was clear it ran the heck out of there! I would risk it if I needed to try to catch my cat.

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