Didn't get my settings right off the bat. so I digital art these

juanitalDecember 29, 2008

I took several shots adjusting each time...by the time I got it nearly right, it flew...

After the heron flew off my camera worked its way to the right where the deer were crossing...


Nikon D300 18-300VR

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Wow, such pretty shots (now I show my ignorance) did you acheive all this look in the camera, or do you use Photoshop, pls forgive...sooooo much to learn LOL

PS, you sure do live in a beautiful area of the country! I envy you the beautiful outdoors!

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This look was thru an editing and plugins program...The originals came out darker and when I tried to bring out details it was very noisy, then tried a noise removal program but lost even more detail. I use Irfanview alot for editing. There are all kinds of compatible filters and plugins that you can add to it. The plugin's I used for this was Topaz Simplify and Topaz Adjust...

In the camera you can do some pretty cool things. Through "Set Picture Control" (its in the shooting menu) you can use 'standard' 'neutral''vivid' and 'monochrome' and within each of those modes you can do adjustments and get some neat looking photos...Of course this is probably more info than you need right now, didn't mean to blab on!!! but if you have any questions feel free to ask, I may or may not know the answer... ;)

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Oh wow..this is nice!...just like a painting.
Not very often one gets to see deer crossing water, have only seen it once,.. about 20 elks.


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Those are lovely.

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