Italy, Oct. 2005

ronf_gwDecember 21, 2007

My daughter and son-in-law got to live in Italy for three years while he was in the Air Force. He was stationed at Aviano AFB in northern Italy. My wife and I were there for a couple weeks in Oct. of 2005. They lived about 12 miles from the base in a quaint little village. This was their view of the Dolomite mountains from the front door of their house.

One day we went for a drive up into the mountains.

We also went over to Florence for a few days. Besides all the usual sights we went to a sculpture garden at Boboli.

Even the drinking fountains had these little sculptures in them.

One of the most interesting places to explore is the local food market.


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Hey! You posted!! Beautiful!! It looks like your kids were in a beautiful, natural spot... I love the trees changing color pictures and the stream with the stone sides.

I didn't get to see Boboli Gardens and it looks like I missed out---I didn't know what was there. So amazing! Even the water fountain!?! I love your pictures!

Incredible food market. Makes me want to cook! Looks like you and your wife had a blast touring!

Thanks for remembering to share your pictures! ;)

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Thanks, texashottie.
Also at Boboli gardens was a porcelain museum. Not the highlight of my day but my wife was fascinated by it.


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That's pretty too--I can see where you wife would love to see that. Porcelain? We were enamored with all the stone mosaics Florence had---we got caught up looking through some of the stores there that had gorgeous mosaic tables made with all natural stone. But I didn't know they were known for porcelain as well.

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Wow, loved all the photos, things I will probably never see so it is great seeing through photos, thanks for sharing. I can see why your wife was fascinated by it, so pretty.

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