Has anyone heard of this dogfood?

terryrMay 26, 2010

Has anyone heard of the dog food Holistic Health Extension? I have used Eukanuba for my (almost) 11 yr old long haired Chihuahua, forever. Her breath is horrible but the Vet says at her age he won't clean her teeth. So I've been researching different foods and came across this one. Has anyone else had experience with it? Or even know anything about it? She also has an enlarged heart and takes 2 different heart pills daily. I'm questioning now if the Eukanuba is really that great of a food. It doesn't read on-line as one.



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I have a friend who owns scotty dogs, she uses the small bites formula. She appears to be happy with it.

Regarding teeth issues, brushing is best of course. Even if you simply cover your index finger with damp gauze wrap and gently rub at the gum line, that will do better than most anything else. You add it to their drinking water according to how many cups of water are in the bowl.

But it may be that you cannot brush her teeth due to her size, etc. If so, there is a product that you can buy to add to the dog's drinking water that helps keep teeth cleaner by preventing tartar buildup. It works best if your dog's teeth are already clean, but it may help you out. Although it claims to be a tartar remover, I think a better description would be anti-tartar build up.

Here's an example of this product. There are other brands, too.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Thanks Cindy. Does your friend buy it locally? I'll have to live with buying it mail-order as there's no one in my area that sells it.

As for as Zoey's teeth are concerned....I got her when she was 3 months old. She let's me do just about anything to her, but not getting into her mouth. Her weight is approximately 6 pounds. At this site I was on reading about Eukanuba, at the bottom it was a forum of sorts. All kinds of people were talking about their dogs horrible breath.

I will look into your link, thank you!

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As a vet, I would insist upon cleaning the teeth, especially since your dog already has heart disease. Dental disease has been a proven cause of morbidity and mortality in both humans and dogs with heart disease. Endocarditis is a high risk for any animal with heart disease, but especially for animals with valvular disease or any disease that causes regurgitation within the heart.

I've successfully cleaned teeth on many pets much older than your dog, with very bad heart disease, some already in congestive heart failure. It's a matter of knowing exactly the condition of the heart (usually an echocardiogram is needed), choosing the safest drugs possible for that condition, and careful monitoring. Age is NOT a disease and there is no reason to use age alone as a excuse not to perform the care needed for an animal. If your vet is uncomfortable with general anesthesia in your pet, then I would seek a second opinion from a vet with perhaps a better understanding of anesthesia and heart disease.

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meghane, when they cleaned her teeth last year, I don't know what they did. She was drowsy for along time, she was coughing, and you could tell, she just didn't feel good. For about 2 weeks. It took her a long time to act "normal". As you said, it's knowing exactly the condition of the heart, choosing the safest drugs possible for her, and careful monitoring. There's 3 small animal vets there. Only one does the teeth cleaning, she always has. I don't trust her for quite some time now, that's why I ask for someone else. Anyone else. I'll ask around and get a name of another vet. Thanks!

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I'm sorry your dog's last anesthetic experience wasn't good, but very glad she pulled through. Very concerned that you don't know what they did- sounds like a bad situation and I don't blame you for not trusting the vet.

Maybe try a specialty center with a boarded anesthesiologist- they are the experts in dealing with situations like yours. It would be helpful to get your records, including the anesthesia record, from your vet so they know what was used before and can avoid those medications. You can search for a boarded anesthesiologist here; click on public listing of acva diplomates.

Here is a link that might be useful: American College of Veterinary Anesthesiologists

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The dog I had before Zoey had a bad anesthetic experience. I feel stuck with only 2 vet offices here in town. I live in a small rural town, I don't have much to chose from. Looking at the list, I think I was looking at the right list, I didn't see anyone in IL. That can't be right though, can it?


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terry, about 2 months ago one of my dogs had to have surgery for a stone in the (I'm not sure what to call it) ureter? urethra? bladder? I'm sorry to say she is not the same either. She acts like she doesn't understand things that she has done for years. She acts like she wants to go ouside but when I open the door, she stands and looks at me like, 'I don't know what you want me to do.' Same with coming back in the house. I always have to tell her, 'come on in'. Otherwise she just stands and looks at me like she has no idea what to do.
Now for the liquid that you put in the drinking water for tartar, I got some from the vet and it's called Virbac, probably on the same order as Four Paws and I'm sure there are other brands. One more thing, I also had their teeth cleaned and the one dog has some heart problems but it wasn't bad enough that they could not anesthetize her. I agree that you could ask another vet. They don't always agree. Good luck.

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Zoey has seen all 3 small animal vets at the office I take her to. They all disagree on somethings, except to say they wouldn't clean her teeth. So yesterday I called another office in a town about 20 miles away. I told them the situation and they won't see her!!! I was told if my vet's office won't do a cleaning, then it's best not to do a cleaning.

brownthrumb, I'm glad you know what I mean when I say the dog isn't the same. When it happened to my first dog, I complained. Then she needed her teeth cleaned again (and again), it took a lot for me to allow them to do it. In my eyes, they ruined her. She was never the same dog. My dog now finally came around, or out of it, whatever you want to say, so to clean her teeth again? They're not horrible. Maybe something like this Virbac would help. Thanks.

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Which dog? My dog Zoey?

I don't feed Zoey Eukanuba any longer...she and the new puppy we bought late last June eat Solid Gold. Zoey's heart murmur has grown fainter (graded a 2 one side and 3 on other, to 1 on each now) to the point that they cleaned her teeth...yay! Nice fresh breath now...lol...too small of a mouth to get in there to brush, I've tried. She eats one of those Greenies every day. Her weight is also down to her normal weight, 5 pounds 6 ounces. :)

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