Need Help With Kitchen Layout

kdizzleMarch 1, 2013

Attached is a picture of my current layout that I kind of planned out myself. Have zero experience with this and could really use some insight. Nothing in the picture is concrete except for the space I have to work with (a 12' by ~16' area designated for the kitchen). Only thing that's mandatory is an island and a fridge/freezer combo that's 54-60 inches wide. Help!!

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Kathy Rivera

Switch the prep sink and the cooktop. Cooktop on the island is a potential safety hazard with people sitting behind it (though you seem to have a nice space there). And properly venting an island cooktop is a pain. You'll have a big hood hanging down in the middle of the room blocking the open space. Switch it to the wall and you can have a nice hood that will work well and add to the design of the space. And I'm assuming that's an outside wall? Then it can vent easily outside.

What are the aisle dimensions? Where is the pantry? Were do those doorways lead?

I'm not a fan of the ovens next to that doorway with not much counter on the other side as a landing zone. I also don't think it's the best to have the ovens in your cleanup zone. You'll want a plenty of space around the sink to pile up your plates that don't fit in the sink once all the pots and pans are in there. :)

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