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minroseDecember 6, 2007

Been a long time since I posted photos here, I hope to get back to sharing more here and trying to reply more to your great photos.

I raised butterflies this last summer, 12 monarchs and 4 blacktail swallowtail butterflies. I try to take photos of each one before I let them go. I will try to share some of my favs of most of them. I also have gotten a few more pets to share photos of, another kitten and some paint ponies.

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Oh gorgeous. So sharp and colorful.

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Absolutely beautiful.

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Hi, MaryAnn, so nice to see you here! Are you liking it at your new place? I suppose by now, it's not new. How did your roses do with the big move?
Love those swallowtails, never see those here.

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Thanks Ron and Rcnaylor!

Hi Joan, we love our farm, and since we moved here we have gotten 2 dogs, a kitten and 2 paint ponies so now we have a total of 8 pets, which of course I take tons of photos.
Our roses did not fair well with the move and us not having enough time to really care for them like we used to, so we are scaling back. We are going to move what roses we have to another place in the yard and making the former rosebed a horse pasture, the ponies need more room to run and graze.
We have a grove that the monarch catepillars love so in the summer I look for them and raise them in jars til they turn into monarchs. The blacktail swallowtail catepillars I found in our huge carrot patch, it was my first year raising them, it was fun. When I first release them they usually don't move for awhile giving me a chance to take some good photos.

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MaryAnn....great pictures! I am so glad to see you here, posting,
Sorry to hear about your roses but love that you are raising butterflies.

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Gorgeous colors!! Very interesting.

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