Help please! kittens won't eat.

kyliesgrannyMay 10, 2012

I've been adopted by a stray cat. 3 weeks after I let her into my home she had 2 little kittens. She's been the best mommy all along but she doesn't seem to be producing milk any more. She lays & still lets them nurse but they are losing weight.

I purchased 2 tiny bottles & KMR at the pet store along with canned kitten food & dry kitten food. They want nothing to do with any of those things.

I've tried squirting small amounts of the milk on their tongues, rubbing the wet food on their teeth & leaving food, milk & food with milk in small saucers for them. Nothing is working.

They were 5 weeks old yesterday & I thought they would at least try the food at that age. I've never had such young kittens before & am at a lose as to what else to try.

I could use some suggestions please.



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I suggest you take them, including mom, in for a vet visit. The kittens may be developing an upper respiratory infection and you want to catch it ASAP.

At 5 weeks they should be showing interest in other food. Is mom eating canned food? I would make a gruel of milk and canned food and feed it to both the mom and the kittens. I always liked to use a wide, shallow bowl....such as a flower pot saucer so everyone can eat at the same time. As the mom eats, the kittens should show an interest in the food.

Here is a link that might be useful: weaning kittens

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Thanks for the advice & the link Annz. Mom eats both canned & dry. I leave the dry out for her all the time & give her canned in the evening when I have dinner.

The kittens watch her eat but have never tried to join her. I'll certainly try your suggestion of using a wider saucer for the food.

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When I said 'milk' I meant the KMR milk.....but I assumed you knew that! : )

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Having rehabilitated a very small 5/6 week old kitten from near death, I would suggest using an eye dropper. Take the kitten in a towel and prop it like a baby. Give them 20 ml of KMR at a time and feed them a couple times a day. Once they get their little tummies full, they may remember being hungry and will start eating other stuff.

My little guy was one pound at 5/6 weeks old and I think he forgot what hungry felt like. After 2 days of eye dropper feeding, he started eating on his own.

Best of luck!!!

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How are the kittens? What did the vet say?

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Yes, take them into the vet. It sounds serious.

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