Had a great Mom's day!

monarae_gwMay 9, 2010

The kids surprised me,(well, sort of....) with a new memeber to the family! They adopted a kitten/cat named Regal for me! She is such a doll! We lost our cat about a year ago, due to old age. I went to the Humane Society a few weeks ago, to drop off some old towels and blankets. This is where I first met Regal. What a character. She has moved in with no problems. Seems to love everyone, even my hubby...who grumbled for the right amount of time, until he was holding and playing with her. Right now she is asleep on my son's chest, and purring. She has a new home, and I have a new baby to spoil. Happy Mom's day to all the Mom's!

Mona Rae

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awwww!! how sweet! happy mom's day to you, too!

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Yay! Post some pics if you can!

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the ultimate gift!

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