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judithvaDecember 29, 2008

Hi, I'm Judith, and I am new to the photography forum. A little background info, about 25 years ago, I was very into taking photos with my Olympus SLR, a few years ago I purchased a point and shoot style Olympus digi. I have been wanting for quite a long time to buy a quality DSLR, today I (apparently) decieded to go crazy and purchased a Nikon D300, (battery charging as I type). I hope I made the right choice..I never get to take vacations...this camera purchase is MY "vacation" LOL

I do have a Blog, and want to have nice photos to be able to put on it. Some of my pics are good, and a VERY SMALL few are great (to me anyway LOL,) but I really want to get back to the old me from the early days with the passion for doing great photos of not only what is my current "hobby", but taking meaningful portraits, and landscapes.

I am pretty intimidated by this camera LOL, I don't plan on purchasing another digi for a LONG time. Hopefully I can save for a few more lenses.

So I am looking over the instructions and hopeing and praying I don't screw it up. I hope to get some advice and lots of learning wisdom from all of you talented people here!

Here is a link that might be useful: My blog

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Congrats on the new camera...even though you went with Nikon, I can look past that! :) Nah, the 300 is supposed to be a really great camera from what I hear.

Again, welcome to the Photography Forum. Look forward to seeing your pics!


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Hi Judith...Welcome...You didnt go crazy purchasing a ND300...You won't regret it...It's a really awesome camera...as long as you know your basics...its all uphill, and it sounds like your quite familiar with how a dslr works...No such thing as 'screw up' just 'happy mistakes'...Easy and fun to learn! It took awhile before I began exploring the different ways of use and still learning I've had it for 11 mos...Quite an enjoyable experience!


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Comment on your blog--magnificent designs and photography...I love the crystal Christmas tree...so beautiful!

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Thank you for your very nice welcome :)

Ashelton, LOL, you scared me for a minute there! There are so many choices out there, I did do some research before buying, and of course strong passions go with many brands of cameras. I must admit after reading so many, I was just torn! I deceided to go with the Nikon because it seemed to have gotten great reviews. I realize of course you can have a great camera, but I still have to be responsible to learning how to do things correctly for great photos.

I will admit though, (the batttery just finished chargeing and I took a few snap (on auto...no brains required there (blush), but wow, just those quick photo have me very encouraged as compared to my point and shoot by a long shot LOL

Juanital, I think I had scrolled down earlier to a post of yours and you said you had a D300, so your words are very encouraging, but I must admit...it is still mind boggling all the choices...methods.. Acckkkkkk! I would have to say that I have a beginner based knowledge of the "art" of manual picture taking, it has been soooo many years of not taking photos, with me taking photos on my point and shoot automatic my brain has gotten mushy on the proper techniques of photography, but I am more than willing to revisit and progress into learning how to do things properly. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog, it is definately a work in progress. Have you bought any other lenses yet to go with your camera?

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Yes I did-it was about as mind boggling as to "which camera to buy" when i just decided to take the delve...I got the 18-200 VR which came with camera. 50 1.8 cos of low light, 105 VR Micros, wanted a macros one and a 70-300 VR for reach of birds, it isn't quite enough but does take some good photo with excellent bokeh...A prime 400, would of been better but way beyond my pocket book. An 80-400 and a wide angle is on my next wish list! Do you have any lens in mind?

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Yes, I was thinking of the 50mm 1.8, for the low light situations and from what I understand great bokeh. And thinking of a wide angle lens for interior photography... Do you purchase your lenses online or in a store? The VR line costs quite a bit of money compaired to the "lower" level lenses, but I guess I will just have to keep saving my pennies. I would not mind having a micro either since I like to garden and take pics of flowers and the tiny animal life. Hmmm so I guess I would say, I would be looking for the 50mm 1.8 first. I will have to do lots of research of where to buy all this stuff first LOL, Oh yes, I understand there is also a 50 mm 1.4 out there now, but have not gone "internet gawking" yet for it. And I definately need to reaquaint and learn all the terminology for everything, LOL, it will come slowly but surely hopefully. I have been going back thru old posts here, but some of it looks like "short-hand" to me, some of it I get,but then there will be just that little piece I don't get of the puzzle ARGH LOL
Thanks for all the info, this is a great help :)

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