Canon Digital Rebel: XT vs XTi

ycmomDecember 27, 2006

I would like to purchase one of the above cameras. I currently have a SLR Canon Rebel G and Canon Digital G3. They are both great cameras but I would like a digital camera I can use my canon lenses on. I have a basic understanding of the difference between the two cameras. I would like to ask any owners of the above cameras what you like about them and why I should choose that particular model. I would like some comparison info from people who have actually used the cameras. Many thanks in advance.

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I own the XT, but I have played with the XTi
-10mp allow for more cropping
-Menu selection set up is better
It believe it had more focusing areas but I dont remember exactly.
There is a whole lot more noise on the XTi since they crammed an extra 2MP on that sensor. That was definately a step back from their reputation of having the best ISO handling -even though it is due to internal NR vs the idea of a better sensor. The ergonomics are pretty identical. Canon addressed the 'dust' issue and added some sort of dust buster. I never tested how well it worked but others that have the camera say it does not work as well as the marketing will have you believe. I see the attempt to make a dust cleaner a step in the right direction though. Maybe the next model will work better. Sony put a dust buster on there Alpha model but I dont know how well it works either.

I played with a Nikon D80 and thought it was much better than the XTi.

I really saw no clear advantage of the XTi over the XT that made me comfortable with spending $200-$300 more for the camera. I say get XT and wait for a better upgrade. If $$ is not that big of and issue go BIG, look into the 5D. Now that a camera!


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