Smallest Garbage disposal

GWloloMarch 1, 2013

Someone had posted the specific model of the garbage disposal that was very small and quiet. I think it might have been insinkerator version called compact. I would like a 3/4hp model but the plumber is suggesting a 1hp model that is stainless steel because in his words "I will save on plumber costs". But that thing is huge!! Is the smaller version a bad idea? I will not be grinding up bones etc. in that thing. It would be helpful to have some room in the sink cabinet or things like the soap container for NeverMT etc.

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We have a 1HP insinkerator at the main sink and the 3/4 Evolution Compact at the prep sink, I don't really notice any difference in the working efficiency of the two. The size difference is not huge and between the new models we were considering, I think it was less than an inch. What made the biggest difference was making sure the plumber installed it without taking up the whole cabinet with drain pipes, but I'd buy the Evolution Compact again -- for size, efficiency and quieter operation.

As far as plumbing bills, in 6 years, we've had two issues -- both involving putting too much of something that probably shouldn't have gone down through the disposal. But it wasn't the disposal that couldn't handle it -- it was the gunk getting held up in the drain pipes beyond, probably because the disposal did its job so well and so fast that it loaded up the pipes faster than the lines could move them. The most recent one was DH putting remnants of 2 artichokes down and gleefully exclaiming that he loved a good disposal because you could put anything down them. He'd hardly finished when we heard the gurgle. We wound up calling the plumber on that one and he wasn't able to clear it. He was going to come back the next day and pour acid down the line and we would have been without the sinks and plumbing on that side of the house for another 3 days. Fortunately, he didn't come inhte morning as we'd been told he would and when I got mad about that and started checking the lines to isolate the issue, the plug of sludge came out the exterior clean out and we were able to call and say don't come back,.

DH has been reminded that just because you can doesn't mean you should. That's the best way to avoid a plumbing bill. ;-)

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I have the Evolution Compact, too. It is so quiet that I often wonder if it is even working. But it is, and it does. I am not one to stick a whole bunch of stuff in the disposal, though, so it doesn't get a real workout here.

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