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crunchpaDecember 11, 2008

Being a big sports fan and a person who enjoys the city, I have quite a stockpile of ballgame photos. Here are a few.

this is a minor league park on the New Jersey side of the Ben Franklin Bridge. It offered nice views of the Philadelphia skyline from various vantage points. The bridge is seemingly part of the ballpark.

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these tigers are there to greet you when you enter a game in Detroit

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this is the courtyard entrance to the ballpark in Cincinnati, there is a rosegarden nearby also. The view in the outfield shows the river traffic and Newport,Ky on the other side of the Ohio River.

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these smokestacks represent the river heritage of Cincinnati and let out puffs of smoke during the game.

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more tigers adorning the entrances

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Some great shots!...thanks for sharing!


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Love Comerica Park but can never replace Tiger Stadium. I was hopeing it would continue to be Tiger Stadium. For a long time I still called it that. All of your other pictures are very good too.

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I am not fond of the stadium names these days either. The new park is gorgeous and my visit was top end. I have been to more than just a couple ballparks and this one is as nice as any. It didn't hurt that it was a playoff win verus the Yankees and the atmosphere was electric.

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