My cat pooped on my bed

sharonduquetteMay 29, 2009

Hello! I'm new here, and I have a question about my cat, which has to do with his pooping.

Okay, most of the pooping problems consists of the cats pooping constantly! But my cat is an indoor/outdoor cat and when he has to use to the bathroom, he goes outside. But about half an hour to an hour ago, I was outside and my mom called me in and showed me that my cat had pooped on my bed.

She also said, that after he did that, he wanted to go outside but when my mom tried to find him he went under the bed. I wasn't too mad, but my mom got real mad and upset. She said he did it out of spite but I'm not sure about that. Why did he suddenly do it on my bed? He always goes outside to use the bathroom but he suddenly did it on my bed, then wanted to go outside but decided to go hide under the bed.

(and I'm upset with my mom because she said if he ever did that on her bed, she'd get rid of him, which is why I started this thread because I'm VERY worried and I don't want him to do that again.)

Any advice or reasons on why he did that? Thanks!!

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How old is your cat, and is there anything which has changed in the last couple of weeks, inside or outside your residence???

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How old is your mother, and is there anything which has changed in the last couple of weeks, inside or outside your residence???

So both the cat and the mom are acting oddly. I'd say though that the cat was fearful of your mom (she was showing her emotion when she found the accident) and that's why he hid. As far as using your bed for a litterbox, perhaps no one opened the door for him. Can you get an indoor litter box for him and keep it in your bedroom?

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Well I(for mazer), my cat is about...maybe 12-13 years old I think and we've had this kitten come around our house often now, and I've showed it attention so I'm not sure if my cat is jealous or something.

Cynthia, do not talk about my mom like that please. I've done nothing to you, so do not talk about her like that.

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It is upsetting if your parent says something like that, and holds the power to remove the cat from your home!

Sharon, most changes (like behavior, hiding, litterbox malfunctions, etc.) are indications of sickness. Especially pooping or peeing inappropriately, if they have never done it before.

What I do not understand is, does this happen all the time? Are there litterboxes in the house so the cat has access to them? If this happens because there are no litterboxes accessable, then it kind of makes sense. Where else would he go if he had to, and he was inside? But if this is the first time, the best thing to do would be to convince your mom to get him to a vet to be examined.

Good luck, Sharon.

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Elly is very knowledgeable and I agree with her good advice.

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Thank you Elly! And yes, it's very upsetting. If he does do it on her bed, then she keeps saying she'll get rid of him and I seriously don't want that to happen.

For the litterbox, it's outside because he doesn't use the litterbox. Usually if we aren't home, he'll poop in the my mom's bathroom, which is why we had the litterbox, but he just goes outside to use the bathroom.

The litter box is outside because he just goes outside when he uses the bathroom, and I tried telling my mom that he did that because he might be sick but my mom keeps saying he did it because he is spiteful or something. She says she knows cats, but I'm not sure about that. I'm no expert with them, but I don't think she is an expert either.

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Cats are not spiteful. And if there is a litter box accessible, there is a greater chance of him using it. If he is inside and cannot get out, he will soil in the house. If he can get out easily, and if he still soils inappropriately, do get him to the vet.

You know, it never hurts to have the extra litter boxes, even if he does not use them!

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I'm not so sure that a cat (or even a dog, but more likely a cat) is capable perhaps not of 'spite' but of saying 'up yours' by peeing or pooping in unusual ways.

Of course they might be sick or unable to get out etc, but I believe they can use it to express their displeasure.

Whilst primates (apes I'm referring to) are more intelligent than cats, I don't think there's any doubt that monkeys/apes in zoos will throw fecal matter as a form of rebellion - it's quite common. So it doesn't seem a big stretch to me for cats to do it.

Mom's reaction might have caused the subsequent behaviour, if she's lukewarm on the cat it might sense this and behave belligerently too.

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Sharon, Cynthia said NOTHING negative about your mother, you are the one who said she made the threat. We know nothing about your mother, if she is elderly and might have an altered state of mind that is something that needs to be known so that an informed response can be said. Unless she makes you upset with things she says on a regular basis, than your mother is acting oddly. People who post on here are here to help, not be mean, and you might not see a situation the same way other posters see it.

Your cat needs to be looked at by a vet immediately. Defecating in unusual places is a top sign of illness in a pet, possibly urinary or bowel obstruction. It might be that he doesn't want to use the litterbox because he equates it with pain, and when your mother was upset with him it caused him to be frightened and retreat. If he is in the house with no litterbox, I would immediately remedy that. Sometimes even kitties just "gotta go" and if you aren't around to let him out he makes do where he can. You need to have a few litterboxes for him, but I really think you need to get him to a vet immediately.

Good luck, and know that everyone here only has your kitty's best interest at heart.

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Hello sharon.
My cat Dean is only 2 years old and I have had problems with him pooping on my bed since I adopted him this past summer. I took him to the vet and he has a clean bill of health. An animal behaviouralist I know suggested that he was demonstrating his ownership of me, but I don't know. I've come to the conclusion that I just cannot let him in my room unsupervised. When he doesn't have access to my bed, he never has a problem with the toilet, and he always pees in the right place.
I agree that in your case, your kitty may have been a bit jealous about you having the kitten around and he is letting you know how he feels about it.

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Sharon you are adopted and so is your cat get over it you 40 year old virgin

suck dees 8=D----


good luck, you orphan

sincerly, Jonathan

Here is a link that might be useful: That home site

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Sharon, sometimes a cat will go in inappropriate places if they feel unsafe or their usual routine (or YOUR routine) changes. I had a cat who got upset when I travelled. Once he pooped in the hall outside the door to the bathroom where his litter box was kept - this was the evening I got home from a week long trip. Another time, when I got home from a week long trip and was unpacking my suitcase, he jumped in it and peed in it! It definitely was not a health issue, he was just upset. Have you ever noticed how a cat checks out any new thing in your house, even if you just moved the furniture? They love routine. Maybe you showing attention to the kitten, or if you've been gone a lot more than normal has him feeling insecure. Regardless, you should keep a litter box in the house to cut down on any accidents. I never found a solution that worked to reassure my cat. It is just something I had to live with. Sorry. Just try to give him more attention and love. I have one now that is so in tune to my emotions, she gets upset if I get even slightly anxious. I guess it makes her anxious as well, and she pees in the house. So I try my best to keep calm. Isn't that crazy? I try to be calm so I don't upset my cat!!

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My sister had a cat who would routinely leave a nice 'present' right in the middle of the living room carpet if Sarah worked late too many nights in a row. I guess it was a "you better get home and pay attention to me, or you'll be sorry" statement.

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I have a cat that is about 8 years old and she is an indoor/outdoor cat. Usually she is great about going to the bathroom outside. After my son began to walk and chase her around she began pooping in his bed (in my opinion, out of spite). Just recently I got my son a kitten hoping he would leave the older cat alone, but now my cat has retaliated by pooping in my bed while I was in it! Whoever says cats can't be spiteful doesn't know my cat. She does not like the kitten and when I try to mediate between them she gets angry at me by swiping at me with the look of death in her eys. I know it is out of spite, but everywhere I read they say that cats can't feel spite because of their brains. lol That seems to be proven a myth because this cat is certainly showing the way she feels. Not to mention it was by my feet. I'm thinking of just getting rid of all the cats, and getting some damn fish.

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My cat is a ragdoll she is about 4 years old .we recently got her from a lady at the pet store who rescued her from 2 abusive kids. She was sepperated from hersister any how i cant under stand why she is pooping in my bed and peeing on the couch she is healthy i dunno any suggestions oh she is an inside house cat

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My cat(6 yrs) went under the sheets and pooped right where I lay. This is the 3rd time he has done this...I give him lots of love and affection. That day I left earlier than usual and my husband said he felt abandoned...Any ideas? I have a litter box in the house and 2 in the garage.

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@James Kitty: is his/her litter box clean? My cat poops on almost anything if her litter box isn't up to her standards.If that isn't the case then I have no idea.

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