What molding do you have on craftsman/shaker style cabinets?

aussiesMarch 30, 2008

I'm looking for ideas on what kind of molding to put on top of shaker cabinets. We have been tossing up between going with 36'' uppers with molding or 42'' cabs without. I really would prefer to have molding, but 6'' of molding to reach the ceiling seems like quite a lot, especially for such a simple door style. I would love to find a way to make it work though.

Please share your pictures of your cabinets with (or without) molding ... close up pics of your molding would be even better! (unless you have 39'' cabinets ... that will just give me 39-inch-envy LOL)


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Here's our molding, on 42-inch Shaker-style cabinets:

And one from a little further back:

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I have 36 inch cabinets & 8 ft. ceilings. Here are some photos of my moulding.

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Here's my simple, not to the ceiling type molding - I have a vaulted ceiling.

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Great question! I hope more people post pictures because this is tremenously helpful. What very different looks!

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Thanks everyone! This is really helpful. There are some great ideas there. I wonder if any of these are Kraftmaid cabinets? Seems like maybe KM doesn't have that many molding options ... I'm hoping to construct something out of a combination of their molding and filler pieces. I just came across something called the "golden ratio" that I am now trying to incorporate into the design ... or am I overanalyzing this? ... perhaps this is just a symptom of being way too TKO! I'm sure my KD would be rolling his eyes!

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We did a simple two step to the top of our 9ft ceilings.

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It's hard to see from this picture, but my molding is exactly like vjrnts. Notice in vjrnts' closeup that there is a flat molding on top of the cabinet and under the cove molding. This is placed there to minimize the appearance of ceiling height variances. I think a two or three step crown would work especially well for your six inch gap because it would keep the proportions right.

A simple cove or flat crown molding like gibby3000's is very typical for arts & crafts and craftsman styles.

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we did cove molding to our 8 ft. ceilings:

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Ours looks just like minnt's. Many people do traditional molding, our cabinet designer insisted that the flat molding is architecturally correct with the Shaker style, but whatever. It doesn't really matter, it's just what you like!

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