Duck domonent behavior

orionscatMay 14, 2012

Hi I have a khaki Campbell and a hybrid of a sort my khaki campbell was the second duck we got so we thought timmothy (the khaki) would lie low but now timmothys being domonent does that mean Tim is a boy??

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My hybrid is definitely a girl

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We raised a bunch of pet ducks over the years. In my experience, the females seemed to be the more agreesive and dominent.

Are they adults yet? Either of them have a funny little curled feather on top of their tail? (male) And we found that the adult females were usually much louder than the males--we could tell just by their voices.

However, they're like any other animals--they each have their own personality. Could be that Tim is just more assertive than the other, and trying to establish his place.

I had a khaki once--lovely little one, but a girl. She was adorable. DH had an Indian runner that was amazing--named Cornbread (my Khaki was Cocoa, and at that time, DD had a white duck named..... Vanilla, of course!) Anyway, Dh's totally bonded to him. He and Cornbread would take walks around the neighborhood, with Cornbread walking between DH's feet. Then, after we took them to the lake to release them, DH had to stop driving home past the lake, because Cornbread would see the truck (he recognized it) and come racing to the street! Another batch we had were SO smart, that when we took them to the lake--down the block, through the woods.... they turned around and walked right back to our house!!! After that, we started putting them in the car and driving to the lake when it came time to release them, they didn't know the way home, then.

We haven't had ducks in years, but reading your post brought back so many fond memories--they are the most adorable pets. Unfortunately, we live in a suburban residential area, so weren't supposed to have them at all. No one complained, though, so we'd get a few each summer, raise them, and then take them to the lake down the street so we could visit--and yes, they really did know us and come up to see us when we went down there.

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I love ducks they truly are so cute Tim is a bit more quiet but is only four months old but my little girl (the hybrid) is 7 months old thanks

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