All three of my cats

gibby2015May 18, 2014

Not that often that they are in close enough proximity to get all of them in the same photo so I thought I'd share this one. As you can see, the big black fur ball keeps to herself. Tucker, the dark Siamese is 5, Maggie the lighter Siamese mix is 1 and Mimi is 15. Mimi was a stray that was under our neighbor's deck. We took her in when she was about one. Tucker we got from a very crowded shelter when he was two. We got Maggie from a foster rescue organization when she was about six months old.

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Oh! How cute!!!!! Those 2 cuddling on the back of the couch are precious!

I wish my black kitty would allow a few more.....

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So sweet, love seeing them snuggle....

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i love it so much ! how lovely !

Here is a link that might be useful: cat cat

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Thanks for the update gibby. The photo is proof that Tucker and Maggie were made for each other.
Maggie is so lucky to have found you to help her thru her health issues!

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