How do you get

Maggie4December 14, 2007

when posting a picture (or trying to) How do I get my photo from my pictures to GW photo site? I'm confused.

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The image needs to be stored at a photo hosting site. I use phtobucket. You set up an account (it's free), then upload your pictures. Next, copy the HTML code next to the picture, then paste it here. I hope this helps. If not perhaps someone with better computer skills can explain it better.

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They have to be 60kb or less to upload a photo directly to GW.


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I use Photobucket also, I down size it first to anywhere from 50 KB to 200KB.
When I upload, lets say a 150 KB file size photo, it will still shrink it a little, perhaps it ends up at 120KB.
You can upload a full size, like 5 Meg. and it will down size it automatically for you, but it will take forever to upload.

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