My new boys!

homebodymomMay 18, 2011

I posted a few weeks back about adding a new kitty to my fur family. I wasn't sure about adding a male/female to my family of 5yr old male cat, and 3 yr old male dog. Well, we ended up adding 2! Here are Eli (Manning) and Jack (Nicholas). They are 10 week old rescue kitties from the same group we adopted our current cat from. They are fitting right in with the entire family. My older cat is like a big brother to them! He licks them, and encourages them to chase him around the house! To think I had been nervous about him with a new kitty! My 96 lb dog is like a gentle giant, but his size is still a little scary to them, although he means no harm.

They are the sweetest little things. I call them my "Itty Bittys".

sorry the pics are so huge! It has been a while since I posted pics, and photobucket has changed :0(

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OMG!! So cute. Great to hear they are fitting in well with the family. Do you know what kind of kittys they are?

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They are sooo cute! Glad they are fitting right in.

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Thanks! They were both rescued from the local county shelter, so I guess they are both the cat version of "mutts"!!! The black and white (Eli) has the cutest Marilyn Monroe mark on his lip that you cant see in the pics! Had he been female I would have named him Marilyn. The medium/long haired black (Jack) is being called a Maine Coon mix by the rescue group I got them from....I guess the tufts of hair on his ears and in between his toes means something? He still has a lot of hair missing from his neck and belly, but the new hair coming in is charcoal grey. It will be interesting to see what color/colors he ends up being!

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They are SOOOOO cute - I love when people post pics like this.

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Congratulations - they are adorable! I clicked on the photo by mistake and photobucket is giving me a slide-show of your shower party. Maybe you need to move those into a different album if you mind them accessible. I always had trouble posting photobucket to GW.

Someone abandoned a Maine Coon (we think the owner died) and my mom adopted her. They get big! She's a rascal. If your little guy does have MC in him, be prepared for some personality!

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Darling kitties! Our three are rescues too. Good for you!

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Thanks again. I didn't realize about the pics- I will have to go in and fix that!
Personality galore in that little MC mix. After less that 24 hrs here, he managed to get out of my daughters room, walked right up to my 96 lb dog like he owned the house!!!!! No fear in Jack at all! He and Eli are the sweetest things. We are so happy they are part of the family.

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