Not posting much either now

gmom74December 6, 2007

I still look at everyone's pictures and admire them all even though I don't say much. So rcnaylor, don't quit posting them. I'm sure this forum is checked out often by people who have been here before. But it sure isn't as busy as it once was.

Trailrunner, I'm so sorry about your pictures. You've heard it many times- back-up, back-up, back-up. I have an external hard drive that I use for all my pictures. All our little granddaughter's pictures, from birth to now, are on it. Now I'm scared that something might happen to that hard drive. I'd hate for her to say one day, 'What did I look like when I was a little girl?' This is one thing that bothers me about digital pictures- no negatives to print from. I've even been thinking about trying to make film pictures of a lot of them just to have negatives.

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Be sure and put the pics on a cd or dvd. I filled my hard drive up with pics, so I got a 320 GB external hard drive this summer. It failed in October. Thankfully, I had the pics on DVD's, too.
I think right now people are busy with the holiday stuff. But I bet some new people will be here after CRhstiams, probably asking advice and posting pictures from their new Christmas cameras!
We leave for FL for the winter on 12/17, so we have our Christmas on the weeekend of the 15th. Lots to do before that, so I haven't been posting much, either.

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