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kyponderDecember 31, 2008

I have been fascinated by photography for a very long time. I asked "SANTA" for an entry level SLR camera. I got a Nikon D60! I'm so EXCITED! I have always had the little pocket size cameras and took average photos so this is opening up a whole new world for me. I have been lurking on this forum for a while now and I'm in total amazement of the talent I've seen!!

Does anyone have any tips & advice for a newbie? I'm ALL EARS (or eyes as the case may be). I'd also like to take some classes or attend some workshops. Does anyone have experience with some of the online courses or should I take a class at our local college? How do I find workshops on photography?

As you can see I'm full of questions! I'm eager to learn so thanks in advance for any info you care to share.

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Give yourself little assignments or challenges, like 'today I'm going to play with landscape shots', or trees, or flowers. Then spend a day taking people pictures, then action/sports shots, whatever. Once you've taken several pictures, look at them and think about what you like and don't like. Good photography is more about the composition than it is about the equipment. Think about the background, the perspective, the way the light hits your subjects. Show a series of pictures to your friends and ask them what they like the best about them. Once you are happy with the way you compose your pictures you can start to experiment more with the special features of your camera and programs like photoshop.

Mostly, have fun with it!

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"I'm all ears/eyes" is a great start. There is a book by Bryan Peterson called Understanding Exposure which is great to get your feet wet in, well....understanding exposure! :) Its a great book to begin your understanding of the relationship between aperture and shutter speed. There are many books available to read at your local bookstore or library. READ READ READ!!!

Next is be all mouth. You will have questions that you feel dumb as a stump asking...ASK THEM! If you don't understand, ask again til you do. This is key...most people are more than willing to point you in the right direction.

Find out if your local community college offers a beginners course or advanced course in photography. Hands on learning is great for this art. The one I took was $55 for five days and very well worth the money.

I assume the D60 has an "Auto" mode. Don't become to reliant on that because at that point you only have a very expensive point and shoot camera that will limit your creativity. It will take some discipline to not let the camera do the work for you, but it will pay off ten fold when you can break out of it and let creativity take over.

Learn some of the "rules" (a term used loosely) of photography. Google "rule of thirds" and "rules of photography" to get started. After learning the rules you will learn when to break them to get your desired result.

Post pictures and ask for constructive criticism. This also helps, but sometimes you have to be thick skinned as some of the veteran 'togs can be harsh. Some are being goobs while most are simply trying to help.

Most important advice ever is to have fun with your photography. After all it is YOUR photography. As long as you're not in it for money you only have one person to please and that's yourself! The more you learn and understand, the more you will be pleased with your results.

This ended up being longer that I planned, so sorry! :)

I really look forward to seeing some of your images posted, so get out and get to shootin! :)


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Solstice98 - Thanks for the ideas. Now, if I can just learn to think creatively! Trial & error never sounded this much fun before...

Ashelton80 - I'm headed to the bookstore this weekend to find the book you recommended. Thanks for the advice to not get too dependent on the "auto" mode. I'm glad you said that, I had already decided it was going to be a hard habit to break. I needed to hear that. Now...i'm going to look up the "rules".


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