How to treat Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex naturally?

lmrinc_gwMay 2, 2013

My poor cat just wants to go outside but he has EGC and I think it's caused by grass. Since grasscutting has begun he's been holding up his paw when he sits. It's pretty swollen right now and he's trying to sleep it off.

I have pet grade (from the vet) omega 3 fish oil but it doesn't seems to help. I got him a cortisone shot about 4 months ago and it's worn off totally.

I read that licorrice root might help...any other ideas?

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Cortisone injections only last a few months.

We give our cats salmon oil (CVS Brand 100% wild salmon oil capsules; we pierce them with a knife and squirt them over their wet food). We give one cat 2 1/2 capsules worth daily, and our slightly smaller cat, 1 1/2 capsules worth daily. They are also on Rx LID food because both over-groom. The larger cat also has Eosoniphilic Granuloma Complex. Symptoms, and over-grooming waxes and wanes, but the combo of the food and the salmon oil seems to keep it in check to varying degrees.

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