Change in focus of local city shelter

HandyMacMay 25, 2010

Went to a seminar on local city services today.

Part of the information was about how animal control and the local pound have changed their focus.

They have formed a partnership with the local Humane Society that allows the HS to come in periodically and evaluate animals that are unclaimed after the minimum waiting period. The HS can then take the animals, rehabnilitate, and place for adoption.

The pounds euthanasia rate has dropped from about 45% to less than 5% and is dropping. And, that has occured with an increase in the number of animals impounded.

I'd say that is a positive improvement in the use of my license fees and tax dollars!

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handymac, that is verrrrrrry impressive.

I am wondering if that shelter is working with "Maddie's Fund". I work for a company that partners with the firm that funds that fund. Their goal is to make huge inroads into the area you just spoke about. (no, what I do does not have anything to do with what they do --- I'm a computer consultant).

I am just so happy to see those figures. Please tell us more. That was great news!

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Thats awesome. Hillsborough County started doing that a few years ago and the results have been impressive, and so is the save rate.
Glad to see more Animal Services agencies getting more involved

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Thats wonderful news ... our local SPCA started working with Maddie's Fund over a year ago and also has amazing results and save rates.

This needs to catch on in more places!

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I don't know, but will try to find out.

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I forgot to add, last year, there were 160 euthanizations. So far this year, there have been six.

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I just found out the program is using the Gabriel Fund and donations for the rescues.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gabriel Fund

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