Blonde, Restrained Gold or Builtmore Buff?

whitdobeMarch 29, 2010

Since I started adding color to the walls in some of my rooms I've become very dissatisfied with the very pale (almost off white) that I painted my living room and dining room a couple of years ago. I've thought it over and I think I'd like a "goldish" color in there. I looked at SW fan decks and I think I've narrowed it down to three colors but I'm not sure of any of them. There are *issues*.

Our living room and dining room are about 12 feet wide and together a bit over 30 feet long. There's a big bay in the living room that faces south and does get sun BUT that's about the only place sun can come in. No windows on the sides and the window in the dining room not only faces north, it's overhung by the upper two stories by about 3 feet. You can see sun there but it doesn't come in.

These are the two rooms that I want to paint:

This is Blonde:

This is Restrained Gold:

This is Builtmore Buff:

This is all 3 colors (RS, Blonde, BB):

I have some other photos with the paint chips in a photobucket.

I'm looking for some opinions. Too tell the truth, I really like the Restrained Gold but I'm terrified that I'll find it too dark in there if I paint that. The Biltmore Buff is OK but it seems to blend into the two lamp shades (very pricey shades to replace) plus, when the lights are on as they would be in the evening, the Builtmore Buff does go more *yellow* than I'd prefer. Blonde almost seems like a compromise between the other two colors. I'm really not sure what to do and I'd like to settle on a color sometime this week.


OH...and the foyer isn't that color anymore. It's SW Buff.

Here is a link that might be useful: More Photos of Paint Chips

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I have Restrained gold painted north facing room. I too thought it would be too dark, but it isn't at all. I have an adjoining room in Blonde and no one can even tell the difference.

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I am a huge fan of Blonde. I have it in my living room which is a very dark room, and it gives the whole room a subtle "glow" while also being fairly neutral. Love it.

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Kristine, I'm amazed that folks can't tell the difference between the adjoining rooms. The Blonde and RG paint chips look fairly different in depth of color. Interesting that they seem to even out when you do a whole room. Very nice to hear that you did a north facing room in RG!

Sueb, thanks so much for telling me about your living room. I feel my LR can be darkish at times because of the limited windows. It's really good to know that Blonde works well in yours!

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I think Blond or RG would look great in your room. I've heard (and experienced for myself) that they can take on a green note in certain lights or exposures.

How much color do you think that you can handle? I had to try RG in at least 3 rms. until I found a room where it took on the most beautiful rich camel color.

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Ttod, I'm not sure how much color I can handle. Up until around 6 months ago every room in our house was painted that same off white yellow. Then I painted a guest room Builtmore Buff...then another guest room Concorde Buff. Kitchen and family room are now both Concorde Buff and I painted the foyer Buff last week. Yes, I like Buffs...I like yellowish/brownish/goldish paint.

As far as how much in the living room/dining room, I'm a wee bit worried. I don't like what it is now but, many years ago I did experiment with color. I painted the LR/DR a lighter sage green...and I HATED IT. It was a pretty color, I liked the color. I just hated how dark and depressing it seemed in there. I think that green experiment is the reason why I kept painting rooms in that old Ivory Tusk color.

I'm ready for some color in the LR/DR but I'm afraid of another "green" mistake. I really don't want to do this twice. Taking down the custom drapes and moving the china cabinet are going to be a huge PITA!

Playing it "safe" would be the Builtmore Buff I think. I'm fairly certain that I can live with that since I love it in the guest room. Going to Blonde would be a wee bit more risk...but I do think I like it. Going to Restrained Gold would be a BIG risk for me. I do like the color but I'm so afraid I'd be headed in the direction of the "green paint experiment".

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RNmomof2 zone 5

I have Blonde, RG and Mannered Gold all in adjoining rooms. It is very difficult to tell the difference. My Restrained Gold is mixed at 150% and meets up to Blonde at an outside corner. You can not tell the difference between the two.

I would at least paint Blonde in your room. Since you are wanting color on your wall, I am afraid Buff won't be intense enough. I also think that Blonde or RG will compliment your woodtones and furnishings.

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Here's SW Blonde in a fairly well-lit foyer. In the adjoining DR, they used Restrained gold--you could tell it was a bit darker (but it was a darker room, too). In the LR, which you just get a peek of in this photo, I think it's RG on top of Mannered Gold. The ceiling, even though it looks lighter in this pic, I'm fairly sure is also Blonde. From where I took the pic, I could get a better look at the ceiling and if I stood just right with the wall looking up, I could tell they were the same color. (And trim color is Navajo White.)

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Rnmomof2, I think you're right. I think that I do need to do at least Blonde becasue if I do the Biltmore (why on earth have I been spelling it Builtmore?) Buff it won't be enough color. So, it'll be at least Blonde.

Tracey, thanks so much for posting that photo! That foyer is just lovely! Color is perfect. Blonde, leaning that way.

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I personally love the Restrained Gold best. If you're unsure of that much color I'd go with the Blonde. You don't want to paint it the lightest and then realize it's not quite enough color.

That said, I think all three of the color would look nice. The RG is just warmer and I think it would look very nice with your other furnishings.

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You have lovely things in that room. I would let the wall color be a subtle backdrop, so if I were choosing I would go with the Blonde or the Buff, depending on which works better with the drapes.

Where I would go wild in your house is on that dining room ceiling. I would paint the insert the same color as the walls, then paint the outer ring in a deeper color that conveys the tone of your hardwood floors, such as Ellen Kennon Bronze to give the appearance of the ceiling being a mirror image of the floor area.

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I painted my LR and DR in SW Blonde. My livingroom/dining room is laid out very much like yours, including the windows set up. The dining room is on the northern part of the house, so not too much light gets in there, and in the front where the living room is, is fairly unlit in the summer due to the shade from trees in my front yard. The picture below was taken in December when the leaves were off the trees, so there is a lot more light coming in then. In this photo, it is very early in the morning (sun had not risen much) and the photo was taken with only available light. The SW Blonde doesn't change hues so to speak (greens etc), (at least in my particular instance) it just becomes richer looking as the light changes thru the day, and I think the Blonde color goes with quite a bit of other colors (to me it is almost a neutral).

I think you would enjoy the color alot.

PS, ignore the unpainted door to the garage and mouldings, the moulding are going to be redone in a more country French style soon I hope. LOL

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Beautiful rooms! I agree with the votes for SW Blonde - probably just the accent you need. BTW, I've admired your dining room host chairs in previous posts, would you mind sharing the manufacturer?

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I just painted the following colors in my house
Sanderling SW7513
Grounded SW6089
Pavilion Beige SW7512
Restrained Gold SW6129
Latte SW6108
I listed the colors so you would know I'm not afraid of color. The Retrained Gold is my least favorite color. I have it in a hallway with no natural light but there are two tubular skylights. I also have it in a north facing entry hall with sidelights on each side of the front door. If I had used Restrained Gold in a larger room I would probably have to repaint. I can't tell you why I don't like it but it's just wrong. Since you have plenty of votes for SW Blonde I would probably go with that one.
Good luck!

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Thank you all so much for your feedback/opinions. Judithva, that's a really lovely room and thanks so much for sharing it. It's nice to know that Blonde would look so good in a room with a similar window situation to mine.

After looking at my paint chips all day today and reading everyone's thoughts, I think I've decided on Blonde. It'll be a little bit of a stretch color wise for me but I think it's one that I can be happy with. And yes, I do think simple is best as a backdrop for my stuff.

Goldengirl, when my mom moved to a retirement condo two years ago I sold my cherry table and chairs so that I could take her set and keep it in the family. I know the table is a Harden but I really don't know if she got the chairs in the same place. I think she did but I'm not certain.

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Such beautiful rooms---totally agree with blonde.
Good luck!

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Whitdobe, I actually originally considered painting the main rooms in my house with Blonde and finally decided on RG. I don't think it makes the house look dark at all. So just so you can be comfortable that you considered everything, here are some pics of Restrained Gold. FYI, these were taken shortly after the house was painted.


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Deb, thanks so much for posting those photos. The Restrained Gold looks lovely in your house. I think that if I had more light/windows in my rooms I would go with Restrained Gold but, since I don't, it'll be Blonde.

And I've just gotta say you have bergerer chairs! I love those and someday I'll have one!

Now I've just got to figure out when I can do it. DH is going camping for 4 days starting Thursday and usually that would be an ideal time for me to paint but, there are so many things in those rooms that I can't move myself...even the window treatments will need two people to take down. Bummer, now that I've decided I want to PAINT!

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Thanks, whitdobe. I'm heading over to the Harden site to see if they have anything like your chairs in their present line. Happy painting!

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Can't wait to see the new paint! I think the Blonde will look beautiful.


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I love the SW Blonde. Can't wait to see pics

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Whit, I think the Blonde is going to look fabu in your beautiful home. Thanks for the compliment re my chairs which I just now realize are now about 10 years old!

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10 years is young. My sofa and wing chair are 3 times that! The slipper chairs are younger, only about 17 or so years old. Buy classic and good quality and you can reupholser many times! :)

Thanks everyone. I went to SW and bought the Blonde paint today. DH is going to help me move everything but the sofa out of the living room tomorrow and I'll paint it while he's gone on his camping trip. With any luck, he'll go camping the next weekend and I'll be able to do the dining room then.

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