Nikon D80 photo book suggestion? or..

sydneydavisDecember 25, 2006

DSL..I was reading somewhere with in the last couple days of a suggestion for the/a new book either on DSL photography or the Nikon D80 and now I can not find what or where I read it. I have gone to Amazon but because I have looked at so many they are all looking the same...Was it here someone suggested a book?

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Well I just wanted to let you know I found it! They were on Amazon....

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Sydney, what's the name of the book? A friend just bought a Nikon D80, and it might make a nice gift.



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Mastering Digital SLR Photography (Mastering) (Paperback)
by David D Busch
Magic Lantern Guides: Nikon D80 (Magic Lantern Guides) by Simon Stafford (Paperback - Mar 1, 2007)

These are the two. That was suggested to me. I have not ordered them yet, I just paid the CC off and didn't want to charge anymore for a while. I am a book junky! LOL If you go to Amazon - which I'm sure you have before- they have a good write up on the books info.

I can't hardly wait till I get my camera. Its everything I can do to hold myself back! I'm going to get it in May...

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Thanks! Yes, I tend to be "overbooked" myself. :-)

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