How do you take closeups with a digital camera?

greenhouserDecember 17, 2007

I wanted to take closeups of my flowers but my HP PhotoSmart only does zoom - nothing about closeups. Someone suggested the Cannon Powershot w/macro settings. I've been to at least 8 stores that carry cameras and no one knew what I was talking about. All the digitals I looked at came with zoom but none with a micro/macro-setting for closeups. Is there another name for cameras that take closeups? Are special lens needed for digital cameras for clear crisp closeups? What kind of camera are you guys using and how is it set to take close-ups with only zoom lenses? I'd love to get some close ups of my orchids and cactus flowers this spring.

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I have 3 digital cameras and the only one that does not need a special macro lens or adaptor to take photos like you want is my Olympus 3000, it has a macro setting on it. It takes great macros, my other two digitals are Canon EOS Digital Rebel and Canon Powershot S3-IS, and they both need a macro lens and/or adaptor to take close-up shots.

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Thank you Minrose. That's what I suspected. A special lens or camera would be needed.

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May I suggest that you try using your zoom. What you need to do is find out the closest you can get your camera lens to your subject....and still get a focus. What you are trying to do, is fill the frame with your subject. Some cameras have capabilities to let you get really close some don't have this feature. Move your camera closer without zooming and see what happens. Be sure you can still get a focus. You also may want to try the portrait setting on your camera and see if that does what you want.

The second option you have without buying a new camera is to take your photo at the highest resolution your camera will allow......then crop your photo in an image editor. Crop to make the subject fills the frame if you can. Once you crop, you can resize your photo. Most basic image editors will allow you to do this. The resolution of your camera will determine the size you can make your photo in an image editor. If you stretch it to far it will look pixelated.

Micro is a term used by Nikon for their Macro lenses. I believe Canon uses the term Macro. I don't know of any other name for cameras or camera equipment for Macro. So when asking about this, ask about macro capabilites. Don't be surprised if you get weird answers...not everyone that sells cameras knows their products.

Some point and shoot cameras have an extra macro lens that can be attached. The flower setting, usually gives you shallow depth of field.....which means the flower or bug will be in focus but the back ground will be blurred out.

DSLR's have macro lenses, extention tubes, tele extenders and macro filters that can be used.You can also use a reverse lens, if you want to get into some really interesting macro photography.

I hope this helps, it can be very confusing when you are first starting out with these things.

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Yes, it's very confusing. I know almost nothing about cameras. I will try what you suggested. So far all the close-ups taken with this HP315 have been blurry or overexposed or both. I just got the manual today and read part of it. There's very little info about close-ups. The portrait thing may work. I think it has a portrait setting.

I have PhotoDeluxe to work on pics so that's no problem. :)

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I was looking on a store website and found this.

It looks like Tiffen offers a lens adaptor for the HP Photosmart C315 Digital Camera.

and they also offer a +18 closeup lens. This is a filter that will let you get close to your subject.

I am also not sure if this is your exact camera or not..but you could look into it...if this is what you are looking for. Since you have the manual should tell you what accessories are available for your camera.

If you have a good camera store with knowledgeable staff near you, they should be able to look this up and give you the information you need and order it in for you.

Mostly if your photos are blurry it comes from two sources.
1. Camera are not holding perfectly still when you click the button.
2. You are to close to your subject and the camera can not get a focus. You will find if you back up evenually your camera will focus. I am assuming you are using auto focus.

I am also assuming in this case that the overexposed comes from the camera being on the wrong setting and being to close to the subject. If you are using a flash, what is happening is that the flash light is bouncing off your subject and right back into your camera lens....overexposing your picture.

Do you have a library near you? There are several books available that explains Macro and Closeup photography, perhaps your library has them......or can get them in for you. Another source of infomation is a photo there one in your area. Usually people in photo clubs are very generous with their knowledge.

Good Luck!

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