Kitchen Help - middle of remodel

gatos_locosMarch 5, 2013

Need help with couple of things

1. Lighting above sink - We just painted cabinet Marshmallow white and need to change kitchen light above sink.. I have no idea what to even consider

2. Color of paint in kitchen? I am thinking a sage green or red? Any opinions

3. Quartz countertops - should we go light or dark?

Pics of kitchen before white cabs and new luxury vinyl tile

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I think that bathroom "type" vanity lights would give you many choices for a light fixture.

If possible, consider painting the window trim in the same white as the cabinets.

I think you should select your counter top first, and then photo shop in paint colors to choose one. Personally sage green or red would not be on my radar,so others will need to offer suggestions here.

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Based on your old thread, you don't want to put much money into the kitchen, you're not staying there forever, and your wife didn't sound 100% onboard with painting the old cabinets. Now you are considering quartz, one of the most expensive countertop materials. Upscale countertop materials often make old cabs look even more old. Have you looked at laminates? There's some nice choices out there!

I don't think red or sage green paint is the right choice with your golden brown floor.

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If your counter tops are in good condition, leave them alone, remove the 4" bs, and choose a cute bs tile (see below). If not, choose another laminate or the A category of solid surface in plain white, black or grey.

As for the light fixture, remove it and use the wiring to install under cabinet led tape lights (there are several threads on these) under all your uppers, so you'll have under cabinet lights instead of that peculiar wall mounted thing.

Check to see whether the manufacturer of your microhood makes a replacement door in stainless steel. They often do, and Sears is a great place to get them. Otherwise, just replace the microhood with a stainless undercabinet vent hood and move the microwave to the pantry closet.

What happened to your round end shelves - did you remove them on purpose? If so, you could add new white cabinets along that wall. You could choose (I'm guessing) 2@ 24" wide x 24" deep bases with counter and one 24" wide x 12" deep upper, or keep bases 12" deep (i.e. use upper cabs for base cabs) depending on your space.

I can't tell what's going on near the fridge wall, but from your earlier post it looks like your "pantry" cabinet is 24" deep and the uppers are all fridge height, and the closet doesn't open completely. Now's the time to fix this issue. Post more images and we can give you options.

If you are keeping dark trim because the rest of the house has the same dark trim, then at least lighten up the walls and don't choose a paint with yellow undertones.

The following are tile/paint combos that could work for you. Tiles are less than $5/sf

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Thanks for all the reply's, the counters are in bad condition and I can get quartz for relatively cheap in the milwaukee area. We new we needed new floors and once we did new floors we saw that our cabinets were in desparate need of repair. Anyway, so new floors and then painted. So now we need to get new counters and that will be a tough choice. Do we go light or dark? I will check out laminates too but thought I was getting a good price on quartz counters.

EAM44- we are planning on having movable island where the round end was at the end of our cabs. The moveable island on casters will have a butcher block on it for a food preparation area... Thanks for the idea on the backsplash. and the microwave.

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You can go light or dark with your counters, but bring a little bit of the brown floor color into the countertop so the floor isn't the "lone wolf" color in the room. Avoid pure white and gray because your floor color is very warm.

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I personally would go light on the countertops, one of the ones with different colored chunks,like Oyster Ceasarstone, but then something like a solid cream sandstone could look good, too. Or, I would consider wood countertops.
And, since it's just paint, I'd go with your favorite color. Easy to change when you get tired of it. Maybe a red/terracotta or a green, like BM Anjou Pear (recent thread somewhere here)

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