Frigidaire Wall Ovens

happsMarch 7, 2013

I spent a couple hours researching 30" Electric Non-Convection Single Wall ovens and found that Frigidaire units have the least complaints from the public comments I read. Especially noteworthy were the praises about fast cooking times. I am looking for a no frills basic 30" electric wall oven and was wondering if anyone here owns a Frigidaire who can vouch for their reliability and fast heating times?

I plan to have this wall oven installed under a 30" Whirlpool cooktop. Is there a formula or method for determining whether or not a certain model wall oven will fit underneath a cooktop?

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Sophie Wheeler

They are builder grade appliances with low quality components and few features. No manufacturer will ever tell you that you can place another manufacturer's appliance in stack with them. It's up to you to do the research and take the risk.

Honestly, if you are looking for no frill cooking, look at doing a range instead. You will save hundreds of dollars and get better quality. GE ranges rate consistently high with Consumer Reports. You can get a basic one around $500 and have everything on board be better than the combo you are trying to put together.

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Check the appliance forum.

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I agree. Do a range instead. It's cheaper with better engineering.

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I've eliminated GE because I have one of their free standing ranges and am disappointed in it. Very slow cooker. I'll check the appliance forum.

live_wire_oak When you mean a range, do you mean a slide-in range?

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No, I mean a regular range. They are the most reliable and cheapest cooking appliances going. You pay a lot extra for a slide in, and it's not worth it if you are on a budget. Also, if you dislike GE, you'll HATE Frigidaire. Builder's buy them for a reason, and that reason isn't that they cook well. It's that they are cheap. Perjorative intended. GE does rate rather well in most performance tests, so I'd have to ask what about your last range didn't you like?

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I didn't like that it took 20 minutes for the oven to go from zero to 425 degrees.

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Well, that's pretty much any range these days. The temperature sensor might tell you that the air inside is 425, but the metal and the rest of the oven hasn't heated up fully. It takes about 20 minutes for that to happen no matter what brand you are talking about. You've got to have the thermal mass of the whole oven heated up to be able to avoid a massive temperature drop when placing something in it. With baking especially, you should always preheat at least 30 minutes before putting in your breads or cakes. Otherwise, even with convection, you risk off center and doughy results.

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In the 1990's, I used to have a Whirlpool wall oven that had a very fast heat-up time. It went from zero to 425 in less than 10 minutes. What has changed with ovens?

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