Do large appliances typically go on sale at a certain time?

FlamingO in ARMarch 30, 2008

We're going to get new appliances sometime this year, new fridge, stove and microwave. (Either in black or black/stainless combo.) I was wondering if the box stores usually have appliance sales at any certain time? Any hints for us to save some money?

We got new countertops and an island about 2 years ago, so with the new fridge and stuff, the kitchen will really look nice.

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they used to have set sales but i don't think it happens anymore. my ds2 said he got a closeout on a new stove about 2-3 weeks ago. (sears)

what we've done lately is shop around. i start at costco or one of the big 2 (home depot) then just keep on till we find what we want. sometimes it's been best buy, or back to costco.

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I have noticed that Refrigerators and freezers go on sale in early January. I'm not too sure that you will find all kinds at the same time.

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I find that most things go on sale after you purchase yours...

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For the past 3 yrs., I seem to catch Lowe's mark down on appliances that were on display, open boxes, or slight dent during October. They're marked down around 50% or even more.

Toward the end of the year, many new models are in and vendors are trying to get rid of the discontinued or old models.

Also, during the holidays, usually many places have items on sale.

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A Utah Chain RC Willey had some great appliance sales in May last year. Lowe's did too.


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FlamingO in AR

Thanks for all the info. I think I'll assign my mom the task of watching the Sunday ads and have her let me know when she sees sales in the paper. We don't get to Lowe's or Home Depot or Best Buy too often so having her help will be great and make her feel useful, too. She'll have a mission!

I can't wait to get some new appliances, the stove is nearly 20 years old and looks very dated, I'm tasting a solid surface instead of burners! And I can't wait to have a back-up fridge in the garage, that's where our 15 year old white one will go, for when we entertain or when Woody hunts. Oh, bliss! Extra room. lol

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Here you can pretty well count on everyone having a sale just before the end of the financial year. This is so they have less to count at stocktaking time.

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Don't know about sales.

I think that I heard some say a while ago that they don't like stainless steel that well - too hard to keep clean.

I have a small idea in the back of my mind that some folks with the flat top stoves were less than fully enthused about them ... but don't remember what the reason may have been.

There's an "Appliance" forum, isn't there? What about asking over there?

I hope that you are pleased with the ones that you choose.

ole joyful

P.S. Looks like another at least partial vote against my claim that modern appliances should be built to last more than the 40 years that many fridges did shortly after they started building them, 60 - 70 years ago.

It takes a lot of precious energy to find and dig the resources, smelt and fashion, then transport them from the mine to our home. And to put them back in the land, or recycle the materials in them, when they quit (or we get tired of them) ... after 10 - 15 - 20 years or so.

All of which adds to not only pollution, but global warming, as well.

Going to be quite a mess when hundreds of millions in S. America, Asia and Africa join the game!

o j

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I found this 'guide' that list things that are typically on sale during each month. Looks like memorial day sales for appliances.

Here is a link that might be useful: sales by month

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Yesterday someone at work was looking at the Lowe's flyer from the Sunday paper. They were having a sale this week on appliances, fridge, dishwasher, stove, microwave combo for a set price. Not sure if it's Nationwide, though.

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Sometimes they will give you a sale price during a non-sale time if you ask for it.

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January & February. At that point, all the home remodelings that had to be finished in time for Christmas are done and it's the slow season for new home starts in the colder areas of the country.

For cars, it's the last week of March, June, September and December.

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Find yourself a boyfriend that works at BestBuy or Lowes. :-) They can get you a discount. DD's BF works at one of those stores and says you wouldn't believe the mark-up.

Our extra fridge's freezer in the basement is full of deer and antelope. We wouldn't have room for it otherwise. Very handy, as you can imagine!

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You might want to keep an eye out at your local Sears if you have one. Here they don't have much warehouse space so if something isn't picked up by a customer it goes back on the floor as a "return" even if it never left the truck and is still in its factory box. I picked up some pretty good deals that way. Don't be afraid to haggle a bit too. Free shipping,interest free credit are often available for the asking even when they are not being promoted from a lot of stores. They want to move those appliances so they'll work with you. A bit like buying a car. LOL

Places like Lowes do some of their biggest clearance sales on Sundays. Small appliances like microwaves go on then. If you are flexible about what you want and know your quality you can get some real bargains.

Just do your homework, decide what you want and keep your eyes open.

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If your municipality has inventory tax, find out the date when this closes. Around here, May 30th is the end of the fiscal year for inventory. Stores here like to deplete their stock just before the inventory date, then restock immediately afterward. Yep, the sale prices go away after the inventory date, but before that date, there are some bargains.

Closeouts are not always bargains because it may have been a model that customer disliked or had a problem. The ones that are bargains are those where new models are supplanting the old ones, and there was nothing wrong with hte older model. You do have to watch out availabiltiy of repair parts on closeouts.

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FlamingO in AR

Great information, thanks, everyone! I know we won't be able to shop the Memorial Day sales since we'll be out of town, darn it. I'll sic Mum onto the papers and have her be our alert system. It's time like these that I wish the stores weren't an hour away. It makes it real hard to stumble upon a great deal.

Thank you all! You peeps are just full of wonderful ideas and information.

I REALLY like Lydia's suggestion, too. The one about the boyfriend. I wonder if Woody wants one? roflmao

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By the way - newest issue of consumer reports has article on fridges...

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FlamingO in AR

Thanks, Cate! I'll borrow my dad's copy.

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Sears has appliances on sale this weekend, nothing like a last minute notice!


Here is a link that might be useful: Sears sale

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I know this is 3 years later, and not for the author but perhaps future surfers. I've noticed fluctuations in prices from time to time. The best way to save money is to consider bundling appliances via manufacturer rebate offers. These rebates can be in addition to a product on sale by a store. Generally speaking, Lowe's has been cheaper than Home Depot or Sears. Best Buy has such bad customer service I wouldn't even consider them. So the best is to just check prices regularly.

For example: Samsung fridge. Listed at 3000, Sears has never waivered from that price until recently when a newer model came out and now sell it for 2699. Lowes had it for 2699 for awhile and was the cheapest, until a quick sale in the first week of may dropped it down to 2299! Home depot doesn't carry this fridge. Lowes is now back at 2599, but I was able to buy it at 2299 just by watching regularly.

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